The Shakti-Vesh Avatar Of This Age

Sep 27, 2021 | God, Goddess, Kingdom

She reaches for us, reminding us to seek and find the Kingdom within.

Did you know that the ancient Vedic scriptures, known collectively as the Vedas, predicted Jesus’s life and times, describing him as a Shakti-vesh Avatar? So what is a Shakti-vesh Avatar? Shakti-vesh means “one who embodies and is imbued with Divine Feminine wisdom”. This word “shakti” means the energy, potency and power of the Goddess. “Vesh” means one who contains and brings God’s power to earth through the flesh. “Avatar” refers to someone who is empowered to deliver all souls, no matter which caste, creed, or faith they belong to. This was and still is the Messianic cause.


Christ’s mission has lasted 2,000 years and still thrives today. People today still love and trust in his power of deliverance. This is because of his Shakti-vesh. The Feminine Divine’s mercy knows no bounds. Mary Magdalene, as holy bride, is the keeper of these same Feminine liberation codes that are currently reviving the hearts of many jaded believers. She brings fresh water to nourish the dry seeds of our devotion, for without nourishment in spirit, we are unfulfilled and disappointed by life. Similarly, without inspiration we are dry as an empty vessel.


We have seen a huge resurgence of interest in Feminine Divine mysteries. Again, She reaches for us, reminding us to seek and find the Kingdom within. This is the call of the Goddess. This was no mere slogan that Christ taught. It was a direct instruction to seek and find the Kingdom. Without this, our spirituality is mere sentimentality. If we wish to rise above habitual misery, we must close our eyes to the world for some time each day, with God’s holy name on our mind, to absorb ourselves in our search for freedom. “Hallowed be Thy name” Jesu taught. This was his primary instruction. Therefore, we should take holy name unto ourselves as a means of devoting ourselves to God… and to liberate our soul from the shackles of misery.


The Grail of Feminine Divine Mystery


Krishna Rose

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