Mary Magdalene: Expected Messiah

Oct 17, 2022 | Christ, Mary Magdalene, woman

Giving oneself selflessly to the betterment of others, is to represent the Divine.

With only thoughts of pleasing the Beloved, on our minds, every action becomes an effortless expression of affection and devotion. We learn how to live with a profound eagerness to unite with God, whilst giving unto those less fortunate than us, without want for money, followers, reputation, or fame. Giving oneself selflessly to the betterment of others, is to represent the Divine. It is to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, as well as the shoes of every pure saint and prophet in history! That is our destined path forward. 


Jesu: The usurpers stole from me and my bloodlines by covering-up my marriage to Magdalene. Setting her aside for their greedy purses, they installed a male-dominated religion of which they were in control. They stole the Messianic Crown from me, for their unholy heads; pretenders, sinning, swimming in wicked unholiness. Such false gods they have become! I expose you for the fraudsters you are, for you sold your souls to Lucifer, long before my name came upon the tongues of many.


Mary Magdalene: I am here to re=activate the seeds of my husband’s mercy, which long ago planted deep into the heart of humanity. My restoration and return restores life to those who have forgotten, or lost their way. I have returned to gently remind you how to love. My only wish is to guide your loving soul how and where to seek lasting happiness. I share my realizations only to restore the Kingdom’s liberating message in you. My mission is Jesu’s mission and Jesu’s mission is mine. We are two sides of the same coin who represent the Feminine and Masculine. As Above, so below.


Two Messiah’s were prophesied.

Was John the Baptist the first and Jesus the second? 


FUN FACT: Jesus lived in Kashmir, India, after his resurrection, and died there. The locals there, still today, sell posters of Magdalene and Jesu, as a married, worshipable couple. India is famed for its colorful paintings depicting the Masculine and Feminine: 

Krishna and Radha

Vishnu and Lakshmi,

Ram and Sita

Shiva and Parvati

Jesus and Mary Magdalene

There, within the old book shacks in the Himalayan Mountains, the wife of Christ, Mary Magdalene, is portrayed beside her husband, the risen Krist (son of Krishna).


After fleeing Judea, Mary Magdalene went on to become a well-sought after wise-woman, teacher and healer in the southern regions of France, where she taught and exemplified the way of renunciation and love.

She has returned to right the wrongs of history,

said and done in her and Jesus’s names.






Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks

Mary Magdalene’s book incarnation.

Read it and weep.

Krishna Rose

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