The Beating Heart of Mary Magdalene

Nov 21, 2022 | Christ, Jesus, Mary Magdalene

There are fundamental misunderstandings about life, death, and the afterlife. About heaven and hell… but moreso, about the eternal Kingdom.

Mary Magdalene was initiated by Christ, into the mysticism of inner-world travel. What was revealed to her, changed the course of her life forever, for she was to become eternally affected by the repercussions of a life spent as consort and foremost disciple of Jesus Christ. It was the purity of her heart which made her a perfect candidate for the prophesied throne of the Messiah. The comfort of her legacy is seen by her perfect ability to embody the Master’s teachings. Despite her enormous wealth and influence, Mary Magdalene, lived a devout, unaffected life, as the wife of Christ. Like a Goswamini, she set an example for others to follow. Her incorruptible ambition was to devote herself and surrender to the path of divine love, in order to authentically and accurately assist others in finding their way.

Renunciation, humility, devotion, and faith, are noble habits of saints. They are the vertebrae in the spine of a sincere devotee’s spiritual application and endeavor. Charity manifests as selfless love and affection unto others and are the symptoms of one who has been touched by Divine love (Bhakti).

Jesu and Mary Magdalene are like superheroes because their benevolent example spanned the centuries and is as activated now, as it was then. Despite the odds, their random acts of kindness have remained the ideal of human life. What they offer is magnificent and supremely beneficial to all corners of society, because they show by example, how to live a devoted life of God consciousness through a process known as Divine love (Bhakti), whilst living in the flesh harmoniously with all whom the Almighty hath created.

Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks and my on-line course, The Dance of the Seven Veils, were written in trance-language. Mary Magdalene’s voice is profoundly moving and poetic, so savor each carefully constructed sentence for they are sacred activations. Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks holds great power to inspire change within its pages. It is no mere ‘novel’, it is directly a manifestation of Mary Magdalene’s tireless vision to uplift our global collective consciousness at this time. Listen with your ears, to the word, the holy spirit of truth, as it baptizes, blesses and cleanses you. Click here to order yourself or a friend a copy. Give the gift of divine inspiration:


Krishna Rose

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