by Krishna Rose

Woman in Red – the music video

Filmed on location in Glastonbury Abbey in the heart of Somerset, England – set within the ancient ruins of an Abbey unparalleled in energy and history.

Mariastela in Sacred Conversation with Krishna Rose

In this gorgeous podcast episode, Krishna Rose discusses the two key pieces for expansion, Yeshua’s story, what happened after the crucifixion, and more.

“We are here to lighten the burden of others.”

Krishna Rose

Interview + Q & A with Krishna Rose

Interview + Q & A with singer/songwriter and author Krishna Rose, discussing Mary Magdalene, Jesus, the bloodline descendents, the Holy Grail and the conspiracies surrounding the Holy family and religion today.

Exiled Mary Magdalene

In this short documentary Krishna Rose, author of Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks (Release Date 02.20.2020) examines the history of prophecy, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, the Church and our modern world. How did the Goddess and women with Her lose their position in society? Here Krishna Rose presents a unique and interesting historial view point well worth analyzing. Her book Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks – is due for release 02.20.2020.

Sound Frequencies and their Effect on us as a Humanity

Krishna Rose in this short documentary questions the safety of the frequencies which surround us. The sound of music set to a certain frequency is said to have the ability to harm or heal us. Here we examine the evidence and it is explosive!

Unraveling 2,000 Years of Lies

Are we on the bring of a world collapse, or is a change afoot? Krishna Rose, author of Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks (Release Date 02.20.2020) examines the evidence. 2,000 years ago fake-news began with the story of Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and the apostles. Here she reveals another story which has only be hinted at by Dan Brown.