New Music Video Release

“Haunt Me” my most recent music video from our new album Woman in Red was filmed on location within stunning grounds of Wells Cathedral in Somerset, England in July of 2018.

It is unparalleled in awe-inspiring spiritual beauty and architecture! Zachary Denman (videographer/film maker) added his own brand of alchemical wizardry to an already beautifully shot video in such a magnificent setting. The song is a song of yearning . . .


The new album is available now

Comes with an 21-page booklet with Lyrics & Dedication.

Woman in Red by Krishna Rose

Charismatic World Music with Celtic, Renaissance and ancient themes inspired by her soon-to-be-released historical novel based on the life of Mary Magdalene, Krishna Rose expresses the challenges and triumphs of life giving voice to our souls.

Woman in Red is alternatively tuned to 432Hz which transmits beneficial healing energy upon the subconscious mind, environment and body.

“If we only knew the magnificence and importance of 432 Hz, then you would have a key to unlock the Universe” — Nikola Tesla

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“We are here to lighten the burden of others.”

Krishna Rose

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