The long awaited album available November 16

The new album by Krishna Rose available November 16

“Sip from the cup of devotion, of grace, and of good fortune”


“Krishna Rose’s vocals shine forth with sincere conviction and a genuine power.”

award winning producer/musician

The Music

New album by Krishna Rose

Charismatic World Music with Celtic, Renaissance and ancient themes inspired by her soon-to-be-released historical novel based on the life of Mary Magdalene, Krishna Rose expresses the challenges and triumphs of life, giving voice to our souls.

Her new album Woman in Red is grounded in classical and traditional invocations which are clearly inspired by history, folklore and spirituality. Nyckelharper, cello’s and Viking drums, interspersed with tasteful & subtle acoustic guitar, create striking atmospheres which off-set the poetic words and ethereal voices of this British-born songstress. She weaves her tapestry of womanhood, and its contemplative power and influence, through the sacredness of music, with her refined yet dramatic vocals and thought provoking lyrics.

My purpose of being an artist, is to express my joys,
my sorrows, and my searching for answers, ultimately
the age-old yearning for freedom.

Krishna Rose