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“She is an artist who perfectly captures the heart and soul of spirituality within her music and voice, exploring the subtle beauty of the Divine in its natural blend of heritage, spirituality and inspiring lyricism. ” – Music In Review”.

She is hot on the heels of a brand new album THE SACRIFICE. This album she describes as being "my musical journey into Divine worship, wherein I blur the boundaries of time and faiths”.

Krishna Rose and her husband Radhaji (Robin Wing) write all the songs performed on this album together. THE SACRIFICE includes their daughter Syamali who features her incredible talent as a singer on some of their songs. “Whether singing sacred prayers or our own mystical songs, the vibration and words transport us to other realms when we perform".

Appreciations from fans and friends for Krishna Rose's inspiring music and deeply spiritual invocations.


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  1. (1) Hall of Mirrors.mp3
  2. (2) Jaya.mp3
  3. (3) Age of Forgiveness.mp3
  4. (4) Prayer to the Moon.mp3
  5. (5) Beautiful.mp3
  6. (6) Remember Me.mp3
  7. (7) Shelter.mp3
  8. (8) The Path.mp3
  9. (9) Sacred Moments.mp3
  10. (10) Gurudev.mp3
  11. (11) Hare Krsna.mp3
  12. (1) Trail of Blossoms.mp3
  13. (2) Magdalane.mp3
  14. (3) Angel Tears.mp3
  15. (4) Lonesome Girl.mp3
  16. (5) Calling.mp3
  17. (6) River of Mercy.mp3
  18. (7) Sweet Mist.mp3
  19. (8) Ancient Names.mp3
  20. (9) Mystery.mp3
  21. (10) Searching.mp3
  22. (11) Voyage to a Mystical Grove.mp3
  23. (12) Eternity.mp3
  24. (1) Vande Hum.mp3
  25. (2) Bhajahu Re.mp3
  26. (3) Gurudeva.mp3
  27. (4) Bhajami Radham.mp3
  28. (5) Govindam.mp3
  29. (6) The Sage.mp3
  30. (7) Jaya.mp3
  31. (8) Gurudeva Krpa.mp3
  32. (9) Hare Krishna.mp3
  33. (10) Like a Jewel.mp3
  34. Awaken (SINGLE)
  35. Memories of Gurudeva (SINGLE)

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