Appreciations from fans and friends for Krishna Rose’s inspiring music and deeply spiritual invocations.

“When I hear Krishna Rose’s songs I feel devotional emotions in my heart, she is expressing divine songs effortlessly and with grace.”

— Syamarani Didi (Jadurani dasi), “Humanitarian of the Year 2018” – Artist, author & spiritual teacher

“The new Krishna Rose Woman in Red album and video has totally captured the magnificent ancient spirituality of Glastonbury Abbey! From her soaring vocals to the incredible array of stars above the Glastonbury ruins, one cannot but be moved by this truly spectacular visual and musical delight!”

– Daniel Paul, Fulbright Award-Winning Composer & Musician

“Congratulations. Your project is amazing and magical.”

— Chitra Herrera

“Krishna’s “Jaya” CD quickly became a gentle musical backdrop, adding to the spiritual atmosphere at the Amrit Yoga Institute. Krishna’s style of chanting places her in a unique class of her own. The combination of her melodic voice and soothing musical accompaniment stir the senses. Through beautiful harmonies and a haunting voice that somehow blends with the guitar, Krishna creates a lingering sonic portrait for peaceful introspection.”

Malay Desai, Amrit Kala – Resources for Conscious Living, Salt Springs, FL

“Oh, also, I bought your “Beneath the Rose” CD at Yoga Central, and I have to tell you how much I love it! The music is just so beautiful and pure, I can’t stop playing it! It’s so wonderful that my husband, who normally complains about my love of Celtic music, actually asks me if I want to “put some music on”, knowing good and well that the only CD I’ll put in is yours! So thank you!!”

— Melissa, Mt. Dora, FL

“ASPIRING…INSPIRING…Krishna Rose’s music is soothing and meditative. It brings great solace to the soul! It is easy listening with a powerful message! It empowers the listener to go to a deeper level in his/her own personal growth. In aspiring for bhakti, pure love of God, one becomes inspired by Krishna’s music to feel within one’s being a deep connection with God and Guru. She is a heart person, and it is easy to see how she brings an amazing level of conviction and heart to her music. She seems to bring the very essence of who she is to her music. I will look forward to her next CD.”

Mulaka dd, C.A.R.E Counselor – ISKCON, Alachua, FL

“Listening to this music is like stepping into a temple, a temple that lives in the secret space of the heart. Krishna Rose’s voice has a pure refined quality that seems to belong to another world. Her voice is eloquently supported by tasteful guitar and a sparse ambient landscape. This album has so much ethereal mystique. More than one song brought a tear to my eye.”

—Hinano Reia, Astrologer/Singer/Musician (AUS)

“’The Sacrifice’ is about transporting the listener and that is a good thing because the places it takes you I guarantee you want to be. Simply put this recording is essential to your life’s soundtrack.”

—Ekendra Das (Mukunda prabhu), Percussionist/drummer – Alachua, FL, USA

“Krishna’s music creates a wonderful presence. Her voice magically weaves rainbows of spiritual vibration and devotion. I play her “Jaya” CD for all of my patients. They all love it.”

—Rasa Masla ND, Ayurveda Health Retreat – Alachua, FL, USA

“Dear I just love your song Woman in Red and the video. I LOVE it! Your singing is wonderful!”

—Tommy Hillborg, Swedish #1 Recording Artist / Pop Star

“Superb work from top to bottom. I wish you much success on your new project. Namaste.”

—Therone Trulove, Rapper, USA

“Your wonderful album is quintessentially mesmerising ; the location with a rich history, enchanting music touching the soul, the lyrics highly meaningful n philosophical, a perfect blend of excellence ; God bless you dear.”

—Lalit Mengi, Kashmir, India

“Your music has so much simplicity, precision, and honesty of human emotion along side such fullness of beauty and power. I’ve been playing your Jaya album over and over. So full of beauty, spiritualized emotion, and devotion. Most bhajan albums get too heady or somehow dry after a while, even with rip-roaring rhythms. Your beautiful layered arrangements, music, and awesome voice make for rare fullness for either engaged listening or a supportive environmental sound. I rarely want to learn new bhajans, but these!!!”

—Martha Oakes, D. Ay, PPAD Postpartum AyurDoula Care, Training & Aromatherapy
Sacred Window Ayurveda for Mothers & Children

“Krishna Rose’s vocals shine forth with sincere conviction and a genuine power.”

—Craig Pruess, Award winning producer/musician

“So wonderful, Krishna Rose – what sublime music ! And with such spirit of devotion. I feel fortunate to hear your deeply inspired songs”

—Jay Govinda Das

“Well done Krishna Rose. Great production by Craig Pruess.”

—Mathura Das

“Dear Krishna Rose, I would like to take the time to tell you how much your music has meant to me. My husband of 27 years left me last March and I had to sell my house, move, go back to school and now am in the process of looking for a job. Your music transcended the pain and challenges of this last year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your healing vibrations of the highest kind.”

—Janine, South Carolina, USA

“Fantastic my dear, fantastic! You’re assisting the Divine Feminine to Rise Sister BRAVO! Beautiful collaboration between Mother and daughter. I’m just tickled pink by Woman in Red”

— Elaine Thorne

“Pop female torch songs with a spiritually soulful twist. The first time I heard this music I KNEW its success was a matter of “when” NOT “if” it breaks age and gender barriers with an exciting fusion of theme and style.”

—Sherry Williams, New Waves Networking Fund Raiser / Event Planner; Nurse; Holistic Health Educator

“I love Krishna’s music. She reaches into my heart and touches me deeply every time I hear her CDs. I listen to both her CDs over and over again all day, every day. I never tire of hearing her emotional outpouring of devotion. She saved my life during very difficult times. I feel like she says things in her songs that I feel inside but perhaps never say. I love her, can’t wait for her new CD!”

—Miriam Lakshmi Wolf, Nurse, Shands Hospital, FL

“The sound of the divine – we listen to bliss and love. How can music be so charming and enlightening? Krishna Rose’s music is the sound of eternity, when she sings the divine feminine awakens.”

—Durga Holzhauser , Spiritual Teacher & Author of Jesus The Forgotten Years Series

“Thank you for bringing this music from the Cosmos to our earthly plane, this is magical music & messages from the heavens.”

—Shelley Vann Gage

“My purpose of being an artist is to express my joys,
my sorrows and my searching for answers — ultimately
the age-old yearning for freedom.”

Krishna Rose

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