The Dance of the Seven Veils

The mysticism of Seven Virtues, Seven Chakras & Seven Miracles

by Krishna Rose – Author of Woman in Red: Magdalene Speaks

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You are about to embark on an ancient journey into the mysteries of the inner world, for this is where the answers to all our problems are. Everyone is trying to avoid pain and problems by any means, yet few have insight into tools of transformation by which to navigate themselves through the darkest shadows of the self. By this brave and honest quest, you will find a new way to process addictions, emotions and habits which have left you unfulfilled and frustrated. These simple, ancient tools will help you thrive!

When facing each of the Seven-Veils, you will be confronted with your own truthful hidden self. This is a journey into the shadows. We are all in the grip of countless illusions, but by participating in ceremonial experiences like this one, you are offered a chance to unburden your soul. Without these rites of passage, we struggle to transcend. But by shining the torchlight of prayerful, sincere, conscious intent upon your lower-nature, you will be given an opportunity to heal those parts of yourself which have bound you to cycles of suffering. The mirrors you are about to face, are your own. This course will measure for you how far you have come— as well as how much you have yet to travel.

This course is for you if…

You are disappointed by life

If you are feeling wounded or disappointed by life. Perhaps you are in pain— be it physically, mentally, and/or emotionally, this course will be especially helpful to you.

You are addicted to habits that cause you to suffer

You have been held back in some way— in your health, in your work, in your fulfillment… because of their habits and addictions.

You are seeking spiritual growth

Dance of the Seven Veils will help you elevate your consciousness so that you can go deeper into Spirit, into yourself, and into self-growth. This is not a religious course, but a spiritual one.

You are seeking fulfillment and healing

This course will help you to reflect and heal what is there inside of you. To fill your emptiness and loneliness with Divine breath. You will leave inspired, uplifted, and encouraged.

The Lessons

Face Your Shadows and Transcend Habits, Addictions, and Suffering.

Each lesson was carefully created with you in mind: to help you overcome the obstacles you have been given in life. This course will help you discover what is within yourself and guide you in overcoming the habitual behaviors that do not serve you. Below you will find the lessons that will support you on the journey of awakening your spiritual consciousness.


  • Chapter 1: Opening the Circle
    • Introduction to the course and what you can expect.
  • Chapter 2: Setting Your Intention
    • How to get the most out of this course
    • Quest into self-inquiry
  • Chapter 3: Practicum
    • A lesson on what to do first
  • Chapter 4, Veil One – First ‘Root’ Chakra – Color: Red
    • Facing and healing anger
  • Chapter 5, Veil Two – Second ‘Sacral’ Chakra – Color: Orange
    • Facing and healing lust
  • Chapter 6, Veil Three – Third ‘Navel’ Chakra – Color: Yellow
    • Facing and healing laziness
  • Chapter 7, Veil Four – Fourth ‘Heart’ Chakra – Color: Green
    • Facing and healing envy/jealousy
  • Chapter 8, Veil Five – Fifth ‘Throat’ Chakra – Color: Blue
    • Facing and healing greed
  • Chapter 9, Veil Six- Sixth ‘Third Eye’ Chakra – Color: Indigo
    • Facing and healing excessiveness/gluttony
  • Chapter 10, Veil Seven – Seventh ‘Crown’ Chakra – Color: Violet
    • Facing and healing pride
  • Chapter 11: The Chants and Prayers
    • Meditative chants and prayers to support your journey
  • Bonus chapter, About the Book: Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks
    • Learn more about the book that inspired the course.

Course Price: $20.00 only

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“We are here to lighten the burden of others.”

Krishna Rose