“Become a sacred spring from which people drink.”

“Find a concentrated way to walk the path to the doorway
of Eternal Love. Empty your heart of its mortal dream. Come on a sacred journey to the inner realms.”

— Krishna Rose, Author of ‘Woman in Red’

About Krishna Rose

was born and raised in England and history, religion, poetry and music were strong influences in my life from a very early age. I played classical violin with the Hatfield Orchestra and at age eleven after being discovered and sponsored by Dame Margot Fonteyn, I studied dance with the Royal Ballet in Hamburg, Germany. Later upon my return to London I began a successful career promoting many famous musicians of our modern era including Whitney Houston, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Pearl Jam, and others.

A trip to India in 1995 changed my life forever, for it was there that I met Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja, who has been awarded the title ‘Yuga-Acharya of India’, which he humbly accepted on behalf of Srila Prabhupada. At the direction of this Saint I began to write and perform English songs in the poetic lyrical style of famed poets like Wordsworth, Yeats and Milton. I set about developing my own unique music style and began producing and recording music.

While living with my teacher in India I became aware of the secret life of Jesus and from our discussions the idea for the story Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks was born. In 2020, I was filled with gratitude at receiving a prestigious award from PenCraft for my book after having won the title of the Best Fiction Book of the Year.

I wish to thank all those who have shown interest in my work, especially you, the readers! Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks is a book which was aching to be told. I spent 25 years faithfully studying obscure texts and visiting historical sites in order to accurately research important pieces of untold history and spirituality. In this way, I was able to offer an authentic portrayal, recounting secret details of what happened next, after the crucifixion. I set my heart on unravelling the naked-truth of history’s most legendary and influential personalities, and soon became aware of a highly protected alternate story, thus Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks was born. Like a miner searching for jewels, I unearthed and decoded evidence for what might be one of the most important breakthroughs in both our collective religious history, as well as our global spiritual understanding.

My next book, The Secrets in the Mirror, is set to be released in 2021, alongside a Woman in Red Self-Help Oracle Deck. I also recently released my third studio album Woman in Red, with award-winning music producer Craig Pruess, tuned to 432Hz, a healing frequency. I live on a small farm surrounded by countryside, filling my days writing, sprinkling hope into our collective consciousness. My purpose as a writer and artist is to express the joys and sorrows of our eternal search for spiritual freedom.

My Mission

The essential essence of my books, teachings, and online courses is to uplift humanity beyond the confines of the materialistic mind. To alleviate people’s troubles, burdens, habits, tendencies, and addictions with the use of prayer, meditation, and mantra. Weaknesses become strengths and sins become virtues when the illusions of life are exposed and divine guidance is offered, which is easily applied and practiced. I help heal and uproot selfishness within the buried patterns of the unconscious mind. Spiritual life is stripped bare and revealed into simple, yet cathartic language. All religions and belief systems come together within the peaceful uniting force of divine love, which is the essence of who we all are. By reminding people of the purpose of their existence, people change. And in these uncertain times, the guiding light of spiritual truth offers the deepest consolation and joy that can fill the empty suffering heart. Both of my books, courses, and videos allow people to experience for themselves, the love that they are.

Many people teach, yet few offer a practical way out of struggle, suffering, and grief. The light-language activations within my writings are inspired by Mary Magdalene, yet also backed by ancient scripture. They are Messianic Feminine codes to awaken humanity during these times of change. The Divine Feminine is returning to the hearts of the people, fulfilling many ancient prophecies. I am one of many vehicles bringing forth Her return, which is prophesied to restore fertility and peace to the earth, hailing in a Golden Age.

“My purpose of being an artist is to express my joys,
my sorrows and my searching for answers — ultimately
the age-old yearning for freedom.”

Krishna Rose

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