The Roses & Thorns Of The Feminine Divine

Jan 18, 2021 | God, Goddess, Kingdom

Humanity has become obsessed with noticing the thorns (defects) in ourselves and others.

Once upon a time, a Queen planted a rose bush. She was careful to tend her roses each day for she would find great joy in seeing them bloom. One fine day, just before the buds were to burst into color, the Queen examined her roses through her spectacles. She could see that her beautiful roses had grown very sharp thorns. ‘How can something so beautiful grow out of sharp thorns?’ the Queen thought to herself. Saddened, for her roses were not perfect, the Queen no longer wished to tend her gardens. Neglected, the flowers soon died, just before they were ready to bloom.

So it is with us. Within every living being, there is a rose. The flowers represent the good deeds we have planted within our lifetime. Yet our soul’s have grown up through the thorny fields of our problems. This is the reason we find ourselves bumping up against the energies of others. No one likes to be pricked by a thorn. The awkwardness we sometimes feel around each other force us to look at the truth of ourselves. We, as a society, have become so preoccupied with looking good on the outside that we have forgotten about the inside. Neglected, the fragrance of our blooms lie wasted on the battle-fields of life.

Humanity has become obsessed with noticing the thorns (defects) in ourselves and others. We despair in our need for acceptance. Thus we live in an age where we garner our confidence and self-esteem by what others think of us. This is especially obvious within social media situations, which is like trying to fill a bucket with holes in it. This kind of false-esteem leads only to frustration. It’s an impossible bucket to fill.

The Divine Feminine path teaches us the ways of acceptance, kindness, and forgiveness. Having a loving vision of others, is to give space for a loving vision of ourselves to also shine true. When we attempt to fill the emptiness inside with empty promises, we despair. Then, thinking that nothing good can possibly come from us, we too easily give up on our dreams. We give up on ourselves and others, and we even give up on God (when I speak of God, I speak of God and Goddess).

When we neglect to water the good within someone, it dies. By fanning the flames of Divine acceptance, our shadow-selves melt in the light of Divine will. When we neglect to water the seeds of our devotion, we neglect the chance to realize our full potential. 

See the rose within yourself and others. To do so, is to give oneself and others one of the greatest gifts a person can give—acceptance. Be a beacon of light for others to follow. We do this when we reach beyond the thorns (failings) of others, to find the rose within them. Kindness is to embody the Divine Feminine. To look at someone knowing what their faults are, and to accept them fully in that moment, allows them to recognize the nobility of their own soul. If we can show them the rose which lies within themselves, they will conquer their thorns and blossom many times over. Remember, the most favorable friend, is the one who reveals to us our flaws.

Krishna Rose

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