The Fiery Baptism Of Life’s Trials

Nov 16, 2020 | Kingdom, prayer

Enlarging the ego around others creates enormous anxiety, for it takes great effort to maintain and contain the illusions of perfection and false-living.

Life’s trials teach us through frustration, sorrow, and suffering. It takes courage to face the silent storms which brew beneath our illusions and reputations—especially when they are at stake. In the battle between light and dark, which is the battle of the soul over sleepy ignorance, we encounter the struggle of honest self-reflection and confrontation. We stand upon the precipice of change at every moment as within each stage of life we are offered opportunities for spiritual growth. These either lead to our exaltation or ruin, depending on how we react and respond. How we use the lessons we are given and how we respond to them—is up to us—and this determines our future.

The trials of life are given to us so that the true ways of the soul might be discovered. By strengthening the spirit we victoriously overcome our tragedies. No longer portraying and impersonating greater versions of ourselves to others, to cover up our insecurities, brings enormous relief to the spirit.

The world of falsity leaves us fearful, anxious, tired, and frustrated. To pretend to be something we are not—is to live a masquerade within a lie. Only when we step down off the pressured stage of illusion do we consciously remove our masks and costumes. This unveiling is essential, especially if we no longer wish to be a stranger to our soul and its demands. The truth of who we are, in spiritual terms, is far more crucial than the ego-self we project to others—at work, at church or in the temple, with friends, and even with family.

Enlarging the ego around others creates enormous anxiety, for it takes great effort to maintain and contain the illusions of perfection and false-living.

Divine secrets, like great treasures, lie in wait. Our quest, our signal to prayer, is found within the baptismal fires of holy name. The names of God are always holy, whichever language or name we use to connect with Divinity. Holy name offers the soul enormous relief. This comfort comes in the form of a river which enters the energetic field as pure mercy. Within holy name we bathe our consciousness and find satiety, for the internal consciousness is where the Kingdom of God is to be sought after and found.


The drama and comedy of life ends when the curtain rises to Divine remedy, spectacle, and broadcast. The burlesque dance of dissatisfaction falls like leaves in autumn as the ceremony of shadows begins. As we move into the darker months, the light reveals the darkness which hides beneath the dark forests of our escapism and hallucination. The demon’s dreams of control, fracture, and fall apart, destroyed in the shivering beauty and frequency of holy name. Unshackle yourself, lay bare the liberty and independence of your eternal spirit. Have courage and win the battle for your soul. Fight for your moral fiber, for your state of mind, and for your fundamental inborn right to experience life as God and Goddess wills it for you. Feel the Prophecies stir within the collective, for having returned to the world of form, we have humbly accepted the mantle of sacred duty, to unfasten, to expand, and to activate our inner-purpose, intention, and true meaning. 

Let us not be guided by our own opinions, 

For God speaks to our souls,

And sets down signs by which we may know,

Divine favor.

Krishna Rose

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