Rising Out Of Fear Forever

Aug 9, 2021 | Kingdom, self love, spiritual

Great Mother’s welcoming arms remove all doubt, fear, and grief.

It is natural for us to feel intimacy with our Divine Mother and Father. The prophets and saints have said that this love is what we are here to rekindle, remember, embody, and experience. Without Their love we are like lost ships at sea. We have no oars and no shore to steer ourselves to safety. Thus, lashed around in the raging tides and waves of life, we feel hopeless. We fear there is no hope of relief. Fortunately, the Feminine Divine, like Mother to child, steers us lovingly from danger and depravity.

We do not know what suffering is there in store for us. It comes suddenly, and there is no stopping it when it hits like a storm. This is karma. She has the power to slow the effects of our returned misdeeds (karma). To put an end to our suffering forever. For the sacred elements, as well as Eternity, are at Her beck and call. Her prophesied return brings with it the invitation, which is our task at hand – our Grail quest, if you like. Seek and find the Kingdom. This is the soul’s only true problem that needs solving. Ending the grief of death and rebirth is the only true form of self-love. Fortunately, Great Mother’s welcoming arms remove all doubt, fear, and grief. She teaches us, whilst generously bestowing us with the strength we need to climb the steep mountain of reincarnation. For only this, will end our suffering forever.

She offers entrance into Her mysteries, and ultimately Eternity. To enter the Kingdom of God. This was the message of the Messianic cause and it is the pure call of all liberated saints.

Krishna Rose

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“My purpose of being an artist is to express my joys,
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Krishna Rose