Return Of The Feminine Christ

Feb 8, 2021 | Kingdom, love, Mary Magdalene

The light-house of the Magdalene’s name shines bright, so as to avert the soul from certain doom and danger.

Mary Magdalene embodies everything pure and elegant. As Messianic Queen, she carefully leads the faithful unto the feet of the Divine Feminine. As a humble maid in autumn season, upon the full moon night, she seeks and finds the source of Creation. The mysteries of womanhood are encoded in her very being. Her light shines, leading the way, clearly, through the darkness of the unknown inner journey. The light-house of the Magdalene’s name shines bright, so as to avert the soul from certain doom and danger. Her essence has touched the holy waters of devotion, and her weeping, is but a manifestation of that love which transforms her in her heart.

Mary Magdalene’s position as Messianic Bride is so much more than ‘just’ wife. She is the Kallah-Messiah, the Feminine Christ. Her very name is full of encoded portals leading to the Divine Feminine return. Many now flock to her ways and teachings due to the fact that her prophesied return is upon us. The Messiah’s messages of hope are rising up in the hearts of the people… the faithful within all paths. The exiled, long-expected return, of the lost bride, hails in a fresh inspiration which flows from the Kingdom of Eternal Reality. Mary Magdalene’s Grail path is one and the same as every path walked upon. The quest of the eternal soul, for its Creators, is the path of us all.

As we remember the ways, teachings, and times, of Jesu and Mary Magdalene, we are reminded to live simply:

To fast and pray,

To honor one another,

To embody kindness and love,

To always search for ways to heal and uplift others,

To search for and find the Kingdom of God,

To lift up and sup from the chalice of one’s devotion…

The lost gospels are not scrolls to be found. They are remembrances of truth best found within one’s quest for everlasting happiness.

Krishna Rose

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