Post Mortem Discussion Of The Crucifixion of Jesus

Oct 25, 2019 | bible, Christ, Crucifixion

“These are the facts surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus, making it perfectly plausible that he survived crucifixion and went on to live a full life.”

This is a respectful discussion regarding the crucifixion of Jesu which happened this forthcoming Friday 2,000 years ago. These are facts given to us by five Pathology Doctors.



Death by crucifixion would normally take between 24-48 hours;


One doesn’t die by crucifixion per se, one dies from asphyxiation, as the lungs fill up with liquid (after 24 hrs on the cross) – making it impossible to breathe. It was considered to be the WORST kind of Roman punishment due to the fact that it TOOK SO LONG TO DIE!;


Jesus was on the cross, according to the Bible, for 4-5 hours;


Jesus was brought down from the cross because the Sabbath (sundown) was coming – perhaps there was a secret plot between Joseph of Arimathea and Pilate to bring Jesu down early – to give them a chance of reviving him!?!;


It was common practice to feed a prisoner herbal juices on a sponge attached to a stick, to help them ‘die’ so that they wouldn’t suffer;


Jesu was given a sponge after 3 hours on the cross, by Joseph of Arimathea. The herbs used for this were almost always used to feign death. Think Romeo and Juliet.


If prisoners still lived after 36 hours, often the Roman guards would break their legs so that they hung from their arms. Unable to use their legs to hold themselves up – the lungs fill up with fluid quickly, hence speeding up death;


Jesu never had his legs broken;


Does water/blood flow from a dead body?


When Longinus Gaius’ spear pierced Jesu’s side, it is written that “water and blood spouted there from”. Blood does not flow from a dead man;


Three 50lb ceremonial jars were placed inside Jesu’s burial chamber. Myrrh, Aloes, Frankincense. Myrrh is known as the greatest pain reliever. Aloes purge poison from the body (remember the sponge) and Frankincense heals even the worst skin lacerations – so why were these brought to a ‘dead’ man?

These are the facts surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus, making it perfectly plausible that he survived crucifixion and went on to live a full life, as was predicted in scripture . . . and as my book Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks reveals.


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