Nobility of Grail Truth: We Shall Prevail

Dec 13, 2021 | Christ, Kingdom, love

Regardless of differences of faith, creed, or status, the Kingdom offers life without pain, suffering, grief, death or rebirth.

At this time of year, people around the world are reminded to be kind to the under-priviledged in some way. The pure saints who sacrificed themselves for others, received, and then gave God’s grace freely unto all, without care for qualification or renumeration. Mercy is like this. It knows no bounds because Divine love, which from Eternity flows, knows no limitation. Mercy has no border, Her only compass is pure love and comfort.

Despite the many difficulties thrown on their path, Jesu, his family, and their true Grail friends enthusiastically abandoned their lives to quickly spread the message of Eternal hope to one and all. Regardless of differences of faith, creed, or status, the Kingdom offers life without pain, suffering, grief, death or rebirth. This appeals to the intelligent, because the naked-truth is that the soul does not die when the body is slain.

Sadly, the agendas of the demonic classes have come upon us, in many forms, to dissuade society from morality, decency and truthfulness. Their unscrupulous plans are so predictably foul that one can only hope and pray for Divine intervention. Surely, there is some chivalry left in the world? I keep hoping that King Arthur will rise up with his trusted knights to restore peace to our lands, rising with swords and shields in hand to rescue the innocent from evil. Such are the intensely difficult times we are living in.

In every major religion around the world, the demonic usurpers have struck and pierced the grail of human consciousness with untruths.

Jesu must have known that his ministry would be overthrown by wolves in sheeps clothing. Posing as spiritual kings (popes) and monarchs, the usurpers claim to be God’s representatives on earth. Distracting the masses with propagandas and lies, using baseless rituals to dissuade people from the true ways of Christ, they secretly perform ritualistic ceremonies to block our light. The naked truth is that most Vatican leaders bear little resemblance to Jesu’s actual life and ways, misguiding sincere followers with baseless lies to line their own purse and pocket. But mercy cannot be checked.

The four gospels were changed from the original. Every pope and king in history edited scripture to suit their own political agenda, while the Gnostic gospels were not only removed, but banned, even though they were closer to the documented truth of Christ’s life and ministry. Why? So that the demonic usurpers could manipulate the people with religious tyranny under their false-rule. Pretending to be the heirs to Christ’s throne, lineage and name, humanity yielded to wicked men who had villainous intent. Torturing and burning in Jesu’s name, millions of people who refused to succumb to the regime of the Catholic church were killed.

The usurpers who prostituted the Bride of Israel, have yet to pay for their crimes, as still today the church misleads the faithful masses, saying that Christ bore no fruit from his Kingly loins. The good news is that hope is on the horizon. Prophecy speaks of a Golden Age, where peace and devotion will flourish in people’s hearts around the world. Every wall shall be torn down and the people will unite to glorify God in their own tongue. It must be so, so mote it be.

Krishna Rose

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