Limitless Codes of Enlightenment The Kingdom of God Revealed

Mar 15, 2021 | God, Goddess, Kingdom

For God’s Kingdom is the highest attainment for any seeking soul. 

To give honor unto Utopia, I am today presenting descriptions of the Eternal Kingdom for your spiritual benefit. These portrayals are not figments of my imagination. They have been revealed within scripture, as well as by saints who have seen the grace and beauty of the Kingdom. It is the same Kingdom which Jesus Christ, our Messianic Rabbi, spoke of. God and His Kingdom are always one. Therefore, I pray, in Jesu’s name, that the seed of spiritual longing might be planted in your fertile heart upon hearing these sweet truths of Divinity.

There are twelve forests in Paradise known as kunja’s. Each secret grove sustains and safeguards the most quintessential secrets of God—and when I speak of God, I speak of God and Goddess—for the Feminine Divine is restored and has returned to us through holy name.

Within celestial gardens of delight, our Creators, celebrate each blissful eternal moment together in union. Yet the sacred heart of all existence is revealed only to those who reach yearningly to attain a vision of the Kingdom in their prayer time. Hence Jesus Christ taught, “Seek and ye shall find.” Indeed that realm is attainable for us.


When a seeker practically applies themselves,

To an inwardly focused daily practice,

Steeped in devotional longing,

The Kingdom comes into sight.

These manifest visions are called spurti,

And they are given as small doses of divine rapture,

To coax the soul forward. 


The forests of eternal splendor tremble due to the euphoric climate of pure love which hangs heavy in the air. The charming atmosphere overwhelms the liberated pet animals and birds who sing out of extreme joy, while the crystal clear lakes, bedecked with lotus flowers, give the residents there, refreshment, as they swim and frolic in holy waters of liquid bliss.

It is written in scripture that by remembering these sublime kunja’s, we are freed from the twelve shackles of mundane illusion and attachment, and eventually transported there. The Kingdom of everlasting happiness is so enchantingly pure that as we develop our yearning for that Eternal Reality, we shall lose our taste for this false-reality. This most secret Eden is full of jewel-laden wish-fulfilling trees which jubilantly shed tears of honey-sap and bear sweet fruits filled with empyrean ambrosia.


All of the exchanges between our Creators and Their liberated friends are free of weakness and faults. The ground of Their world is the source of holy pilgrimage for those wishing to meditate with their minds. Meditation when mixed with love and yearning, become the principal ingredients which take us from this world of grief and suffering—to the land of imperishable good fortune. For God’s Kingdom is the highest attainment for any seeking soul. 

Within Eternity the element of water is represented in the personified form of liquid ecstasy. The glistening river and lake embankments are forged of shining jewels and staircases, which lead to beautiful groves, where nature is always in full bloom. The eternally liberated souls who live there do not whither or die, for there is no suffering or death. Any sincere soul who is so fortunate as to attain such shores of joy, shall find eternal respite. No more struggle shall come upon such a blessed soul, for those who live there are free from human faults like envy, greed, lust, anger, laziness and pride. Having conquered the lower-nature they have attained their eternal body and identity. Everyone there experiences ever increasing happiness at every moment and there is no worry or fear—because there is no old age, disease, or death.

All seasons are perfectly represented within each forest. In one such kunja, eternally manifest Nature is dressed in white. Its holy climate dresses the sky in white. Its white moon shines down on the Divine couple radiating vibrations of pure energy and devotion. The rays of the moon shine a blanket of white snow over the trees and ground and all those who enter these mysteries wear costumes of white upon entering in. Everything is white, as if snow has landed and covered everything—but it is not cold. On full moon nights our Lord and Lady enter into the white forest and disappear from sight. Only those with eyes to see and ears to hear may enter into such secrets of Divinity.


Krishna Rose

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