Fake News Alert: Perpetual Night Does Not Exist

Dec 14, 2020 | Kingdom, religion, spiritual

Meditation takes us beyond the human mind, into the world of spirit, into the world of the ever-lasting spirit.

Within many religious groups there is a long-held belief that there is an eternal hell. I wish to right this misunderstanding – for it is absolutely incorrect. Though hell indeed is a real place, it is a correctional dimension, where only those souls who have committed horrific crimes, go, to be punished. However, perpetual night does not exist, not even for those who are wicked minded. God is not so unmerciful as to condemn any soul to hell for eternity. So why then did the church preach such a doctrine? Why would an all-loving God wish eternal suffering on anyone? It makes no sense whatsoever. This fake-news story began 1,500 years ago with the early church, who put the fear of God and the fiery flames of eternal hell, into people’s hearts, to make them faithful to the church!


History teaches us that the church sold ‘pardons’ for forgiveness of people’s sins. With blind-faith people mistakenly believed that they might buy their way out of punishment for their misdeeds. Of course, the truth is, no one can avoid repayment of kismet (karma). What we sow – we reap. We cannot change an oak tree midway through its growth, to that of a willow. The seeds of the oak will produce an oak whether we like it or not.


Heaven and hell are places we attain,

Based upon our life choices.

So where is the Kingdom of God?

Is it found in Heaven? 


According to an ancient scripture, known collectively as The Vedas, the Kingdom of God sits above the 7th Heaven (the highest of all heavenly pleasure planets). Within my book Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks, the seven hells and seven heavens, as well as the eternal realms, are described in great detail. I felt compelled to write about them, so as to give a road-map of spiritual understanding to those who are seeking eternal respite. Heaven will not provide eternal life. Only the Kingdom of God offers that reward. This is one of the biggest secrets in religion and is essential, for our destination in the after-life depends upon our understanding of this fact.


We each stand at the threshold of spiritual possibility. Where we go after this life depends entirely upon where we fix our consciousness whilst living this life. It is incomprehensible to the conscious mind to understand just how profound the Kingdom of God is. For it is not open space – but a portal into our true reality. Meditation takes us beyond the human mind, into the world of spirit, into the world of the ever-lasting spirit. It is essential if we are to attain eternal happiness.


The messages of the Kingdom have always been the same,

Written in different bottles throughout the ages,

As each Saint, Prophet, and Avatar, 

Inspired and uplifted us with understanding,

Of God and His Kingdom.


The adventure inward is our true spiritual mission. To hear the call to action, and with humble gratitude, allow the harmonizing power of divine love to link us with the eternal realm, the Kingdom, which is beyond birth, death, and rebirth.

Repetitions of samsara (continuous reincarnation),

Are the cause of greatest misery to us.


Spiritual strength is not given, it is earned. Just as one increases stamina by lifting heavy weights or walking a great distance, so too do we deepen our ability to move beyond the discomforts of the fickle mind, when we regularly take time to pray and meditate. As we heighten and lengthen our practices we shall find ourselves concentrating for longer periods of time, without interruption. This is due to grace and mercy. The promise of a holy vision should be our driving force, to help push us through the awkward annoyance we may feel as we learn to withdraw from the outside world and its promises of pleasure. When the struggle of boredom, tiredness, and disregard begins, it is an opportunity for us to break down the stumbling blocks of our own apathy and self-indulgence. It is not an invitation to give up.

Krishna Rose

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