Do We Need Permission To Shine?

Mar 29, 2021 | devotion, Kingdom, love

No one needs permission to shine, for there is love in us, aching to express itself, fearlessly.

To be a Priestess or Priest of divine love, is to stand up and shine from the center of truth that we are in spirit. We do this, for we have been moved and transformed in the baptismal waters of Divine love. We are not here to hide or blanket ourselves with excuses. In life, we have two choices. One is to hold back, control, and stiffen with rigid unconsciousness, while the second, is to let go, let spirit, and allow consciousness to express itself through the physical form into the world.


No one needs permission to shine, for there is love in us, aching to express itself, fearlessly. This was known in ancient times as a “baptismal fire”, wherein the seeker would be called to face the shadows of their false-ego, to slay the dragons within, so that sin might be cleansed from them and from the world. Though this miracle is given to us in the holy light of Divine mercy, it takes bravery to face the shackles of our imprisonment, still, we are called to undertake such a brave quest, even in the face of being ridiculed, criticized, or gossiped about.


When Divinity calls you, you bow. You surrender. You give up the foolish false-ego which has driven you into suffering, again and again. You enter into the mysteries of Divine love. In this way, you will be guided to the Source of your power, passion, and purpose.

The flames of God’s holy name burn to ash all impurities in but a moment. For God is All-Mighty. Therefore Christ taught, “Hallowed be Thy name.” For once the climate of Divine love has been touched, the sweet ambrosia of its pure essence, pours into the dying, grief-stricken world. In this way, our soul’s are given protection and offered the opportunity to reunite with Source. I pray that we all may soon be so fortunate as to soon enter love’s Eternal Reality, which surrounds us, and is in us, always.

When we root ourselves in the Kingdom, our relationship with God develops. And as the sweet vibrations and frequencies of love between Creator and created, intensifies, it begs to be expressed through the physical. This is so that others might hear the call and too find their way out of struggle. In this way, we relinquish ourselves from the suffocating blankets of illusion, which have stuck to us like glue. Too long have we been distracted and weighted down by our addictions, habits, and weaknesses. Instead, we should reach for Divine love, which is inexpressible in words, it must be experienced in the inner-most sacred heart of one’s spiritual practice.

The Golden Age is here. Holy name has descended into our hearts so that grief and misunderstandings might forever be uplifted from us. In our unconsciousness, we have become sleepy. It is time to wake up and take action. There is no security in this world. Everything will be taken from us when death comes to take us. We lose everyone we love. We are one family of brothers and sisters before our Lord and Lady. We must relinquish our false belief in all dividing forces if we wish to enter the Kingdom of everlasting happiness.

This is why the Saints recommend a daily practice, wherein we are invited to attach our soul’s need for love and acceptance, to the Goddess. For with Her, security is automatically given, as is the bliss of being in Her sweet loving arms, for She is our Mother Divine.

Krishna Rose

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