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Aug 1, 2021 | God, Kingdom, spiritual

The word “God” reveals the power and potency of Divinity, which is Supreme.

When we think, sing, speak or read about God, we set aside our ego to allow Divine energy to penetrate us with holiness. We become pregnant with expectation and promise. This is pleasing to God and is in turn blissful to us.

The love that surrounds us, comes from our Creators. It fills the cracks of our broken, disappointed hearts. The glue of Their compassion and kindness (when I speak of God, I speak of the Divine Feminine and Masculine) heals all woes. We are healed in Their name. So mote it be.

Where we place our attention determines for us our future.

Beneath the sacrosanct umbrella of Divine protection, the mightiest storms of human existence cannot touch or harm us. For the Almighty arms, feet, and legs of God hold’s firm the elements. No matter how bad things get, our Lord and Lady will always protect you in every situation. Trust in this. It has been promised.

God has many names and attributes. They are limitless. The word “God” reveals the power and potency of Divinity, which is Supreme. This is certainly one way to love the Divine. To recognize God’s authority and bow with awe. But is there more? Is there another, more intimate way of experiencing worship and love for God?

The beautiful mind of our Creators have manifested awe-inspiring universes, as well as all of the created beings who live within them. The creation is the playground of unlimited souls, born from Their dreaming. Yet our Lord and Lady must surely spend Their time enjoying great pleasure, the likes of which we cannot imagine. This is the Kingdom.

The demi-gods and goddesses,

Manage on God’s behalf,

All the affairs of creation.

It is their sacred duty.

Removed from management,

Our Lord and Lady enjoy the Eternal Forests,

With the liberated souls who reside there.

Artwork by Krishna Rose (copyright 2021)

People like Jesu, Mary Magdalene, and also my own holy masters (guru-parampara), and others, are sent as light-bearers to this world to offer relief and hope. For our ultimate benefit, they deliver the keys to the Kingdom, and can therefore open the doors of eternity for us. If there are no saints available then we go to their representatives for instruction, or we may read their books and follow their instructions. Without this, spirituality is mere sentimentality.

Krishna Rose

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“My purpose of being an artist is to express my joys,
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Krishna Rose