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Dec 6, 2021 | church, Kingdom, scripture

We should come to know God, love God, and seek God out with every breath.

Christ compared the Kingdom of God to a mustard seed, the smallest of seeds, which, when cultivated upon fertile soil, produces large trees by which to shelter the birds. He compared his disciples to servants entrusted with a field that is not theirs. When the master of the house learns that a thief has come, he may try to take his fields back, but it will be too late, for the thieves will have already broken in and stolen the Master’s possessions. Then, he warned that we should all be on guard against the world. To guard our loins with great strength and be alert, so that the robbers (usurpers) would not be allowed to plow the field (of consciousness), wherein Jesu had planted many treasures.

The riches of the Kingdom are like seeds that grow into blooming trees with many branches. Thereupon, each fruit and flower becomes an offering of worship through the fragrant moods of our adoration. Bhakti (divine love) is like pollen. It spreads effortlessly through the bumblebee of our awareness, to consecrate and hallow the nature and direction of our love. The sacred element of pure devotion carries limitless blessings to elevate the mind out of its wrongly directed fascination with the mundane.

Why did Jesu speak like this? What did he mean? What is that we have waited for, for so long, and with so much hankering, that he said was at hand? Whether we are Christian or not, these wise and profound parable teachings are for everyone, as the gift of the Eternal Reality is our spiritual inheritance. The sacred element of divine love (Bhakti) is far superior to any elemental fortune of this world. Jesu knew this, therefore, he warned us to protect what was given, with all of our strength and alertness. The teachings of the Messiah, and his holy bride, are like wish-fulfilling jewels. Invested with the shakti-vesh, the energy and power of God, their message of peace, kindness, compassion and devotion should not fall upon deaf ears. The message of our Masters is One. We should come to know God, love God, and seek God out with every breath. Our devotion should become constant. Not only something expressed in the Temple or Church. This is the true purpose of a human form. Our body and minds were created for this purpose, to hold the treasures of spirit, by connecting to God and the Holy Kingdom.

Jesu spoke these truths to warn us that wicked and miserly men would try to overtake his ministry, to control and reap the rewards of his sacrifices. This is sadly true for all faiths. The seeds of Divine truth are always pure, but those who plough the field and reap the rewards of the harvest, have ulterior motives. The demonic-classes have overtaken religions and built walls around us, to control the flow of information, as well as to conquer and divide. However, the triumph of the Messianic magnum opus is a stroke of genius, for still today, it allows the prize of Eternity to be made readily available to the masses, so that the world would always know right from wrong action, for they taught us, by example, how to correctly spend life and time.

Krishna Rose

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