Becoming The Example

Sep 13, 2021 | God, Kingdom, religion

When we give, we give freely without taking note of what is to be returned.

The ecstasy, realization, and profound wisdom that is within the pure saints, is always available to us. Their eagerness to see us succeed and attain liberation from misery, is profound. The ache of their mercy is never felt more than today, as the Golden Age forces this world into a rebirth. Our sacred quest is in spirit where the jewels of Divine mystery wait to be unlocked and experienced by us. This is the path of Divine love (Bhakti-yoga). Pure consciousness, devotion, and freedom from habitual addiction is realized when we sincerely make efforts to walk in the footsteps of those who came before us. Whatever your faith may be, the goal is to aspire for the Kingdom. To do this, you must succeed in overcoming every lower-nature addictive habit. You may not be able to go into the desert to fast for thirty days as Christ did, but still, you can fast, pray, and dedicate your time to the inward search.


The voice of the Feminine Divine invites you,

To seek shelter in God’s Almighty arms which ache to hold us.

Remember, and you will be protected in all situations.

This is the truth of God’s kindness.


When we are united in spirit there is nothing that we cannot achieve. So let us birth love and lead with love. Let us be the example of living generosity. Hold back nothing for yourself. Give up the sin of selfishness in all of its myriads. With no ego, throw yourself into the sweetness of spiritual surrender. Live life unselfishly, expecting nothing from anyone. This is to know true peace and freedom.


God’s message in any tongue is of love and Eternal freedom.

Anything but love, is not.


When you allow pure bhakti (devotion) to embody, you will be limitlessly generous, understanding that God’s bounty is endless. You will naturally become chaste, pure, and kind, as these virtues are the side-effect of Divine love. When you are inspired, your enthusiasm naturally spills over, reaching, hoping to nourish and sustain those who thirst. Malnourished in spirit, lonely, and miserable in their struggle, many people sleep in the lap of habitual ignorance, unknowingly going through life entirely captivated by the illusory energy. Therefore, our sacred duty is to fully awaken and purify ourselves in consciousness, to become conduits for the energy of the Goddess to move through us unhindered. Thus, once we are activated in our holy practices and habits, we will find that we are naturally unselfish in our giving. When we give, we give freely without taking note of what is to be returned. In this way, we follow the teachings and ways of those who are guiding us toward the Eternal Kingdom. Remember, to call oneself Christian means to live like Christ. To do as Christ would do in any given situation. Whether we are Christian, Hindu, Vaishnava, Muslim, or Jew, the call of God is one. There is no substance more blissful than love for God, and Bhakti is the scientific and religious process of worship that carries the soul above sin, habit, and misery… into Eternal life.

Krishna Rose

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