Yule & Solstice Reflections

Dec 27, 2021 | Christ, scripture, spiritual

You are separate from the Lord and you may find yourself filled with darkness. 

Since it is the season of Christ worship and remembrance, I wish to offer my respects to him by sharing a few of my favorite teachings. There is no finer way to show one’s devotion to Jesus, than to remember his words and live by them. Drink deep my friends. First, I invite you to open up your ears and consciousness, so as to receive Jesu’s significant messages, for they will beckon you further along the path. I have simplified his poetic words so that you might better understand the secrets of what he came to give:-


Make the two into one,

The inside… same as the outside,

And the outside like the inside;

Make the above… the same as below (Meaning: have no duplicitousness),

Then you will have unclothed your soul,

Since you hide nothing;

At that time,

You can say the Kingdom is close at hand.


Though there are many gods,

Where there is One, I am there.

Once, there was a city built high upon a mountain.

It was heavily fortified so that it would not be penetrated, or fall,

Nor could it be hidden,

Be like that city.

Be not like the blind person who leads the blind,

For ye both shall fall into a pit.

Two will rest on a bed,

One will die, while the other shall live.

Verily I say to you if you become like me,

You will be full of light,

For when you are separate from me,

You are separate from the Lord and you may find yourself filled with darkness. 

There once was a man with guests staying in his house. When he had prepared dinner, he sent his servant to get them, so that they might feast with him.

The servant said to the first guest, “My master invites you.” And the guest replied, “I have merchants coming this evening to pay me. Please tell your master and excuse me from dinner.” 

The servant came upon the next guest, “My master invites you to feast with him,” he said. The guest replied, “I bought a new house today and have been called away to sign the contracts. I will not have time for dinner. Please let your master know, and excuse me from the feast.”

The servant approached the next guest and said, “My master invites you to feast with him.”  And the guest replied, “My friend is getting married today and I am helping prepare for the celebrations, so I will not be able to come. Please tell your master, and excuse me from the feast.”

The servant came before another guest to invite him, saying, “Sir, my master invites you to feast with him.” “I need to collect the rents that are due from my tenants. I will not be able to make it. Please tell your master, and excuse me from the feast.” 

The servant returned to his master and told him:

“All those who you invited to the feast, have asked to be excused.” 

“Then go into the road and bring whoever you find, so that they might find nourishment with me,” the master replied.

Jesu said: “I am like that master and my disciples are like that faithful servant. Whilst those who care more for the things of this world than for spirit, shall not enter the place of my Father.”

(Note: Here, Jesu gives the example of a pure Master inviting his disciples to Feast with him. Being too busy in the world, each of them refused, making their excuses. To be a follower, is to follow. To allow oneself to be led away from distraction. Away from illusion and selfish enjoyment. For only then may the Kingdom be made manifest. This parable teaching is shining a light upon our “busy-ness” and “distractions” so that we can make the choice to have time for God too.)

If the whole world sets itself against me,

But the Lord is with me,

Then I am blessed beyond compare.

After hearing these essential and sweet words of Christ, one is free to no longer be bound or hindered by mortal laws.

Krishna Rose

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