Woman In Red – Magdalene Speaks Renewed, Realized, Resurrected

Mar 4, 2022 | Krishna, Mary Magdalene, woman

Allow Mary Magdalene to steer you from suffering and sorrow.

It is with great joy that I announce the relaunch of my book Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks, the historic retelling of Christ’s life, seen through the eyes of his wife, the lost bride of Judea, Mary Magdalene. Against all odds, their story survived!

Long ago, I became fascinated with their untold story, so I set my sails upon the shores of historical research. For the last thirty years of my life, I have dedicated myself to their cause, so that I could share their story as it should have been told. Mary Magdalene is relatable to us because we have all experienced insult and dishonor at some point. Everyone has been gossipped about and treated unfairly.

Her Messianic story has waited 2,000 years to be told, and her mission has spanned the centuries, despite the lies said and done in her name. In spite of the persecutions, executions, ex-communications, suppressions and murders that were committed to keep the truth of her marriage and bloodline hidden from the collective. Therefore, it is for Jesu and Mary Magdalene that I have written Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks. Thanks to her inspiration, God and His Kingdom have again been made accessible to people of all faith. This is because of Mary and Jesu’s beautiful minds. She now rises to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Read all about it: HERE

According to the ancient Vedic scriptures there are two ways to leave this world. One is light, the other is in darkness. When a soul leaves this world in the light, they are taken to the heavens to reap the rewards of their good deeds, yet when someone passes in darkness, they are forced to return to this world to suffer karmic repercussions for every transgression they ever made. Likewise, if someone willfully harms a child, woman, or animal, they are instantly transferred to the hellish realms at the time of their death, where they will receive justice for each and every act of sinfulness. The freedom that was once theirs, is forcibly taken away and they are thrown into deeply regretful situations which they have no control over.

Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks is a historical novel, but it is so much more!!! Reaching into the great unknowns of history, spirituality and the after-life, thirty-years of research and prayer, have been condensed into this one book for your pleasure and inspiration. Allow Mary Magdalene to steer you from suffering and sorrow. The Tower of her mercy shines bright to avert us from difficulty and doom. All of your questions will be answered and the fractured puzzle will piece together.

Woman in Red: The voice of Mary Magdalene.

The language of love.

Their story has finally been told. 

Available in hardcopy, Ebook and Audiobook.

Please leave me a great review, so that others can benefit from its great blessing. If you have not yet read Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks, then I invite you to do so. It will change your life.


Krishna Rose

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