What Is The Significance of Magdalene’s Marriage?

Jun 15, 2020 | bible, Christ, Mary Magdalene

The Goddess returning to sit at the side of Her Lord,
Marks the restoration of spiritual balance,
And this begins with the return of the exiled Bride,
For it was with her,
That all of femininity was cast aside.

As I went on this incredible journey to better understand the story of Christ, I began looking at his marriage in an entirely different way. Why is it important for us to rediscover Jesu’s marriage to the Magdalene? What is the significance of this for us today, if any?

Here are some of my thoughts on the importance of this rediscovery becoming widely known and accepted:

Firstly, let’s set the stage. The people who lived with and followed Jesu, knew about his marriage to Mary Magdalene. It wasn’t something that was hidden. Only 300 years later did it become taboo to mention the wife of Christ. In the ancient Gnostic gospels and so-called heretical texts which have resurfaced after almost 2,000 years of being hidden, there were many clues left wherein the Magdalene is clearly not the harlot, but a revered teacher and Saint.

Within the Gospel of Phillip, one of many books removed from the Bible by the early church, it is written that “The Master often kissed Mary Magdalene on the mouth, in public”. Within my book Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks, I have given the evidential historical reasons for my belief that Jesu and Mary were married, so there is no need for me to go into them again here today. But how does the resurfacing of this information affect us now, let us examine?

An ancient Judaic prophecy predicted that once the exiled Bride of Israel (Magdalene) is returned to the wounded Fisher King’s side (Christ), all wars will end and the people on earth will live peacefully together once more. Mary Magdalene, and the Divine Feminine with her, were entirely exiled from mainstream religion 1,750 years ago. I believe that by her rightful return to her husband’s side, we also return the Divine Feminine back from Her very long exile. With this ‘remembering’, we have the opportunity to return and restore balance to unbalanced religious thought and worship. The Goddess returning to sit at the side of Her Lord, marks the restoration of spiritual truth, and this begins with the return of the exiled Bride, for it was with her name, that all femininity was cast aside.

The removal of the Goddess from the forefront of religion began with Mary Magdalene. There is limitless evidence for this. By saying that Christ was unmarried, even though there is absolutely no evidence for this anywhere, a ‘new faith’ with only men at its helm, was created.

Men were told to remain celibate, claiming that this was how the Master lived. Meanwhile in truth, all of the apostles of Christ were in fact married, something most people do not realize. The only unmarried one was Saul, who became Paul, who was rumored to prefer the company of men.

By forcing aspiring priests to renounce their families, in favor of the new church, the budding institution of Catholicism was able to claim the lands and wealth of their recruits – because they would have no heirs. It was a well manipulated move to amass enormous wealth in the shortest period of time. Hence the Vatican was born with all its pomp, splendor, and power.

For God without His Female Counterpart, is only half of the Truth. 

During the time of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, when a woman attained the spiritual station of being a “Mary” they would wear red. This color marked their station in life and all would respect and revere the “woman in red”.

What I found so fascinating as I researched for Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks, was that the church demoted Mother Mary by putting her in a blue dress. More so, Magdalene’s red dress became synonymous with that of a fallen woman’ a woman of the night, a prostitute. Certainly while I was growing up, wearing red was considered slutty, and doing so would give one a  “whorish” reputation in society.

Meanwhile the church took the color red and gave that power to the Cardinals, who still today wear red. Mother Mary is still depicted wearing blue. The male dominated church stole religious power from women, and Mary Magdalene was the scapegoat.

These are some of the reasons why I felt so compelled to research and write my book Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks

These wrongs need to be made right… else we shall continue to live in the shadow of true spiritual understanding. For God without His Female Counterpart, is only half of the Truth. 

Krishna Rose

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  1. Wendy Anne Mary Flanagan

    Well written Krishna Rose. I too feel passionate about getting the balance addressed and justice brought into the light of our lives. The focus needs to be on this. The nature of Catholic Patriarchy is strong yet the God Goddess truth will always be stronger because Love and Wisdom can not be authentic without acknowledging the correct symmetry of God and Goddess harmony. This time of Earth’s ascension will require falsities to be
    overcome and justice of Father Mother God seen properly.
    The Pope has a choice to reveal the truth about Mary Magdalene and admit the way she has been air brushed. She is tge Co Christ with Lord Jesus.


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