What And Where Is The Holy Grail?

Feb 15, 2021 | Krishna, love, Mary Magdalene

If we truly wish to call ourselves a follower of any path, it is a vow to walk in the footsteps of the Saints and Prophets who came before us.

Jesu and Mary Magdalene’s messages of compassion, kindness, and hope, are as important today as they were 2,000 years ago. This mercy does not belong to the church alone, for the church clearly does not represent Christ, his followers, family, or teachings. Our Messianic couple were radicals of their time. They were revered by those who knew them and hated by those who envied them. Only the sick of mind are envious of those they most wish they were like.

Jesu and the Magdalene were enigmatic, fearless, empowered, and quite obviously popular amongst the crowds who flocked to them for healing and mercy. Their lives are exemplary in every way, bringing the shining rays of comfort unto those who ache for eternal life and everlasting happiness.

Looking at people’s faults and weaknesses is like stabbing the chalice of one’s own consciousness with holes, such that all we have worked hard to achieve, drains away. Such is the power of our burning offenses, that our soft-hearted Lord and Lady, rejects those who look upon others with a critical or envious eye. A transcendental person sees the reality of life. They know that the soul within the body is always pure, even if someone falls into the dirt. 

Our dynamic Messianic couple were sent to earth by our Lord and Lady for a purpose. Their life and times were prophesied in Judea, Rome, and also India. But what exactly is the Grail for which so many sacrificed themselves? Was it the womb of Mary Magdalene, or her bloodline descendents? Was it a cup containing magic powers? Or was it something deeper? Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code touched upon these subjects and his research was spot on, however, the story he wrote, for me, was incomplete. I felt compelled to finish what he started, hence my book Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks was conceived and birthed by the grace and mercy of our most venerable Rabboni.

I have always believed that the Grail quest is the private inward search for a holy vision. It has, for me, been the reigning path and practice of devotion where God and Goddess are discovered and realized within. The superlative Grail mysteries are many things for many people, but for me, it has been a crusade for my soul. It is the freeing of spirit from the illusions of matter. Ultimately, it is a passage and portal to the Eternal Reality, for which every Saint in history sacrificed so much.

If we truly wish to call ourselves a follower of any path, it is a vow to walk in the footsteps of the Saints and Prophets who came before us. To live as they lived, to do as they did, and to spread the rays of Divine love and inspiration unto all.

May it be so for all living beings,

And may the sincere,

Be Divinely protected,

During these troubling times,

So that we might rise up,

In our Lord and Lady’s names,

To offer hope and kindness,

Into the trembling hearts of the people and animals of earth,

Blessed be.

Krishna Rose

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