United We Are Strong: Bridging Religious & Political Differences

Sep 20, 2021 | Christ, prayer, religion

Respect should always be there, no matter which ‘side’ someone belongs to.

At this time,we are asked to ascend above the mundane. To give our attention to the inward search which Christ spoke of and sacrificed himself for. Yet few seek or find the treasures he risked life and limb to bring into this world. Christ’s message was, and still is, a call for humanity to come together in faith, not separate before God. He did not come to deliver one group of people, but not others. As a Jewish prince from the lineage of King David, the Messiah’s mission was to break down the walls of  “us and them” attitudes. His message was of peace, and it was not a message meant for Jews or Christians alone. When religions and politics separate us, it is because we have fallen into the prideful snare of believing that our way of thinking is the only true and right way. Our ‘truth’ leads us into traps of illusion and egoistic disrespect, therefore, we must unite and cut the bonds which have tied us.


No matter which political party someone believes in, our duty is to be respectful. Whether we are vaccinated or not, our duty is to love. When we are forgetful of these simple truths, we self-righteously separate from others, judging them, vilifying them, for their differences of belief. Forgetful of the fact that God is One, we misunderstand God and God’s love. Political and religious institutions have built walls around themselves and their followers for thousands of years. Harboring resentment, people fear groups and beliefs that are different from theirs. Blocking the love which flows through all of life, such ways teach us to live life selfishly. To live life ungenerously.


Mistakenly, people from this party or that party, this religion or that religion, think that they are ‘elite’ because they are God’s ‘chosen’ people, they think, “I am right, and they are wrong.” Living narrow-mindedly, they entirely miss the point of God and His love. Such people have not understood that no matter which belief someone subscribes to, free will was given unto us by God, and no man or woman should take that from us. Respect should always be there, no matter which ‘side’ someone belongs to. Without this, we are lost. 


Together we are strong,

Divided we fall and are more easily controlled.


Krishna Rose

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  1. Anonymous

    beautiful. thank you!


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