Transformation: Eye For An Eye Truth

May 24, 2021 | God, grief, spiritual

Be healed in the name of God. No more shall you sin. If you ever return to your wicked ways, you will immediately be destroyed.

Once upon a time, a very evil man had a change of heart. He wanted to transform his terrible lower nature into a higher one. Approaching a renowned saint, he asked, “O great saint, what can I do to make myself clean again? I am filled with anger, greed, lust and envy, yet I wish to be worthy before God.”

The saint replied, “Live like the saints and follow the ways of the Lord.”

Returning home, the reformed sinner searched the scriptures diligently, petitioning the Lord with prayers. After some time his enthusiasm waned and he fell back into habitual bad behavior. First, he pulled a ‘prank’ on his wife which caused her to break her back and become a lifelong cripple. Then he cheated his brother out of a fortune and left him destitute. Next, he inoculated several of his children with crippling diseases and sold his eldest daughter to a brothel where she contracted a fatal disease.

The wicked-minded man went back to see his saintly mentor, whereupon he told him of his failed attempts to change. The saint severely chastised him for his misdeeds, yet due to the man’s sincere regret and repentance, the holy man forgave him. Laying his hand upon his head as a blessing, he said, “Be healed in the name of God. No more shall you sin. If you ever return to your wicked ways, you will immediately be destroyed. Death will come and take you and no one will be there to save or help you. You have been warned!”

The man was transformed. Fearing death, and the punishment which he would inevitably face, he changed. He begged forgiveness from his wife and took care of her compassionately for the rest of her life. He apologised to his brother and repaid every penny he had stolen. Then he went to his daughter’s grave, who having been sold into sex slavery, died a miserable death, without anyone who cared for her.

Finally he went to each of his children, regretfully repenting his terrible crimes against them. His vaccines had crippled their bodies and had caused them immense suffering. Upon seeing the travesty of his existence, the man spent the entirety of the rest of his life doing charitable works for the poor, the needy, and the crippled. Never again did he sin. He was too frightened of what death would bring to him. So he spent his days praying, lamenting his past, hoping for God’s mercy.

So it is with spirit. We are repaid every wrong-doing, eye for an eye, in this life or the next. Take care. Pay attention. Be mindful of what you do and say, so as to prevent future suffering and struggle.

Krishna Rose
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