The True Viruses of Our Time: Distraction & Illusion

Jun 13, 2022 | Mary Magdalene, prayer, spiritual

Our minds are constantly absorbed, jumping from one problem to another.

Prayer chapels have been at the forefront of religion for thousands of years, but of late, people are searching for new ways of experiencing divinity, to seek and find the Kingdom within, away from the crowds, far from the prying eyes of others. We are called to feel the bliss of contemplative prayer which offers sweet relief. Time spent in meditation works at pacifying the troubled mind and heart. However, we are faced with two powerful viruses – distraction and illusion – since where we place our attention determines our life experience. Governments and religious organizations know this and use it to their advantage. They have become experts at distraction because they know that when we are distracted from our true soul-purpose – we are weakened. We have given up our freedom of speech, and thought, to politicians, the media, and religious leaders who care nothing for humanity, idolizing false-gods like the royals and Hollywood stars and musicians. Thus, we have become forgetful of our innate spiritual power and brilliance.

Mary Magdalene’s life was dedicated to rising above her lower-nature through prolonged periods of fasting, silence and prayer practice. She set the example for us to follow. We are not here to be complacent.


When we habitually distract ourselves, choosing lower means of pleasure over higher ones, the treasures of spirit are veiled from our vision and we forget to reach for the everlasting bliss of divine love, which is truthfully always available to us. Distractions come one after the other, all day and night. Our minds are constantly absorbed, jumping from one problem to another. And then, we spend all of our spare time and money trying to forget our troubles. This is why people overeat and over indulge in excessive alcohol and drug use (legal and illegal).


The stresses and strains of life have become so burdensome that people are accepting sleepy ignorance over spiritual freedom and happiness.

Our inner-eyes must be opened by the torchlight of spiritual wisdom and grace if we are to fulfill what we came here to achieve.


We must let go of the ordinary to experience the remarkable. This was the message of every great saint and prophet in history. For when we separate ourselves from God, we struggle. Fact. The further we distance ourselves from our inborn spirituality, the greater we suffer. Fortunately, the poison of human misery has an anti-venom… holy name. The beauty of meditation and prayer, when performed as a daily spiritual practice, is that it can be done at any time, anywhere, for free and without any rules. Time, love and yearning are divine love’s only requirements.


If you would like for me to pray for you or a loved one, respond to this newsletter giving me basic details of why this person needs help. My wish to heal and uplift people is very real. It is a huge part of who I am. I will never charge for my healing work. It is God’s work.

Krishna Rose

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