The Treasures Of Self-Remedy

Nov 9, 2020 | God, Goddess, happiness

Repentance is the way, the life, and the portal. Sorriness is the emotion and action of humility, and is the doorway to forgiveness, intimacy, love, and freedom from future suffering.

In this world we are so quick to make and take offense and such behavior has robbed us of experiencing kindness, intimacy, and trust, time and time again. Such disappointments have left many scars, which we might call the wounds of life and kismet—karma. With resentment and suppressed anger we have bandaged each sorrow with the quiet tears of our true suffering…

Holding onto a belief that we have in some way been wronged, we bear our crosses whilst believing in the protective scar tissue of our swathed injuries. Thus we carry the great burdens of our humiliation, disappointment, rejection, confusion, grief, loneliness, and fear. 

In anxiety, we wonder when the next person will strike. 

Hiding our light nervously, we choose timidity over powerfulness, mistaking it for humility. We judge, rather than engage in exchanges of love. We choose solitude over friendship, and distrust over brotherhood and sisterhood. The sins of ours and others disapproval, condemnation, reproach, abandonment, and divorce, sit heavy on the soul. And our disregard of the mistakes we have made, minimizes the healing effects of the lessons we could have learned, had we not deprived ourselves of the treasure of self-remedy.

 The reflecting waters within the cauldron of Divine Mother’s eternal, cosmic womb, offer each of us candid declarations of our prior misjudgment, returned. Only by our acceptance of them, mixed with the healing herb of forgiveness, can we heal our great load. Therefore it is crucial for us to feel remorse and express sincere regret unto those who we may have wronged in some way. Without this the heaviness of our depression, heartache, bitterness, and guilt, weighs down the soul lifetime after lifetime. We shall not prick the conscience so as to relieve us of future returned sorrow.  

Repentance is the way, the life, and the portal. Sorriness is the emotion and action of humility, and is the doorway to forgiveness, intimacy, love, and freedom from future suffering. Without knocking upon the door of all those who we may have harmed or hurt in some way, we shall never know or perceive personal sovereignty, self-worth, or Divine understanding.

Grace and mercy are the first two branches sprouting out of the strengthening trunk of the spiritual seed planted within the fertile soil of the eager heart. Without these first two branches, the sacred tree of life cannot stretch out its arms to receive nourishment in the form of sweet relief from the burning fires of samsara—the never-ending wheels of reincarnation. If we neglectfully forget to melt the ice of our wounds within the baptismal fires of recollection, regretfulness, and prayer—we suffer.

Through these two great friends—grace and mercy—we learn how to conquer temptations, tolerate trials, and make amends. They teach us the ways of sympathy, compassion, and understanding. The treasure of clemency is at our disposal, its key is regretful consideration for others. 

Dissolve each injurious wrong,

By conceding to your own soul contracts,

Alaha—Elah, Elohim Ela,

Alaha—Elah, Elohim Ela,

(O’ Supreme Energy and Personality of God and Goddess, I reunite with You)

Ana El Na Refa Na La,

Ana El Na Refa Na La…

(God, please heal me)

Krishna Rose

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