The Thorn In The Rose

Oct 26, 2020 | love, spiritual

When we neglect to water the good in ourselves and others, we die, never realizing our full spiritual potential.
There was once a man who planted a rose bush. He watered it faithfully every day, and before it bloomed, he examined it. He saw that the closed buds would soon blossom, but also noticed the sharp thorns which had grown upon their stems. ‘How can something so beautiful come from a plant with so many sharp thorns?’ the man thought to himself. Saddened, for his roses were not perfect, he neglected to water the bush, and just before it was ready to fully bloom, it died. So it is with spirit.


Within each living being there is such a rose.


The flower petals, fragrance, and color, represent the good choices we have planted in life, while the thorns grow out of our mistakes and transgressions. We have all grown up amid the thorns of our problems, even so, we choose to heed only the thorns in others—the defects. We despair, believing that people are inherently flawed in some way, forgetful of the thorns upon our own tree of life. When we neglect to water the good in ourselves and others, we die, never realizing our full spiritual potential. 


One of the greatest gifts we can give to others right now, is to reach past the failings and differences of others. To seek the rose within them. This simple act of kindness has the power to change a person’s outlook on life forever. This way of living, is to embody the Divine Feminine here on earth. To look at our brothers and sisters of the earth, even knowing what their faults are, yet still to accept them regardless. In order to do so we must first recognize the nobility of their soul. To shine light upon the rose within them, so that they shall grow strong and thrive. In this way, we all will conquer our thorns and blossom many times over—even in the darkness. 


In Your garden,

There are many blossoming flowers,

Each one unique,

And open,

Humbly, if Ye give me permission,

I shall tirelessly pick,

For Your altar,

To lay,

The blooming hearts,

 Of those who reach,

Upon Your shrine,

Delivering them,

Offering them,

Unto Your eternal shelter.

Krishna Rose
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