The Seven ‘Demons’ Of Mary Magdalene

Jul 5, 2021 | church, Jesus, Mary Magdalene

Religious intolerance must end if we are to attain peace and love in our hearts, and in the world.

What were the seven demons in St. Mary Magdalene that Jesu is said to have removed? Let us examine. Actually, there is no evidence of Mary Magdalene ever having been a prostitute, nor a woman with seven sins in her. These were lies added to her name by the new church who removed the Feminine from religion entirely. Peter and Paul, who were the founding fathers of what we now know as the Roman Catholic Church, were women-hating bigots. This is a fact. We should not bow to anyone without first understanding their true character, rather than the lies said to propagate political agendas. Peter and Paul did not even believe that a woman had a soul! They openly and unashamedly disrespected the wife of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, declaring that all female-kind were “Eve’s”, temptresses who lure men from ‘holiness’. As we have seen in the so-called celibate churches and temples around the world, men are not so holy behind closed doors, when bereft of a wife’s association. Quite the opposite in fact!

Those brave souls who held firm the belief that Mary Magdalene was Jesu’s wife, forged the foundations of our rising faith. It is only due to their brave efforts to keep the mysteries of the Feminine alive, that we have such a wealth of wisdom and insight into the sacred path of devotion. Mary’s name is now more readily accepted and recognized as the wife of the Messiah, and this restoration is prophesied to break the chains that bound humanity to a 2,000 year-old curse.

The disgrace said in her name, has hung heavy like a cloud over woman-kind. For to falsely call a noble woman like Mary, a prostitute, has placed shame on all women who love fiercely. Women who are willing to step out of the mold, to shake and rumble the foundations of society. Mary Magdalene was one such Lady, for she forged new ground and led by her pure example of renunciation and devotion, so that we too might take root in the pure joy of sacred and holy living.

The Messianic mission is the mission of us all—to unite under one God and Goddess. There are many paths and many names, but God is always One. The teachers of righteousness who come to this world, come to unlock the chains of our misunderstanding. We are not part of a religion so that we can separate from our brothers and sisters who believe differently. We are here to unite and worship as one family before God, else, our offensive mentalities will carry us into more and more unnecessary suffering. Religious intolerance must end if we are to attain peace and love in our hearts, and in the world.


Jesu and Mary Magdalene taught by their example, as did the Goswamis of Indiahow to die to this world and live in Paradise.


Propaganda was used in the case of Christ and Mary Magdalene, and it just shows how easily the minds of the masses can be swayed to believe lies. The Divine Feminine was banished from the feast, the harvest of which She had prepared with her own hands. But when a lie is told over and over again, eventually, the truth is pushed aside, where it is silenced by time. Our duty now is to be the breakers of chains. We are called to lift the weighty lies that our ancestors subscribed and submitted to out of fear. As we have seen recently, social peer pressure is how generations of culture and heritage are overthrown. 

Krishna Rose

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