The Secret Marriage Of Mary Magdalene & Jesus: The Evidence

Feb 7, 2022 | Jesus, love, Mary Magdalene

If Mary Magdalene were not the wife of Jesus, then Mother Mary would have taken on this responsibility herself.

There has been a concerted effort to demote and remove Mary Magdalene from the Jesus story, therefore, continuing on from last week’s fascinating discussion, I present for your reading pleasure more revealing evidence for Mary Magdalene and Jesu’s marriage. The male apostles took leading roles in the Biblical Jesus, while the Gnostic Gospels reveal that it was Mary Magdalene who was a leader among them. She was a wealthy woman in her own right, a princess in the lineage of Benjamin, known as “apostle to the apostles’ ‘. Certainly, she was not a ‘woman of the night’ that the Roman Catholic church presented. This ‘mistake’, albeit, lie, has in recent times been admitted by the Vatican, yet few know of their weak attempt to make this wrong right.

Revered as a healer and teacher, her name, Magdalen, means light-tower. She was known as the watcher over the flock, who faithfully guides Jesu’s devotees from suffering and sorrow. As I pieced together the fractured pieces of her story, I felt her powerful presence guiding my thoughts into her true life story. I was given the gift of “sight”, where my inner-eye witnessed first hand the entirety of her life. Immediately, I began creating folders for each chapter of the book that was developing.

Image: A pregnant Mary Magdalene, holding the hand of her daughter Sarah-Tamar.

I was intrigued by her incredible, unknown life, and felt an urgency about her. It was time for her truth to be spoken, hence Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks was born.

Last week, we discussed the bridal ceremony of Mary Magdalene, which is pertinent evidence for her marriage to Christ. Another interesting piece of evidence that is overlooked, is the fact that Mother Mary was concerned about there not being enough wine to serve at a ‘random’ wedding. Why was it Mother Mary’s concern if the guests needed more drinks? Only the mother of the bridegroom would have had to bear that responsibility. The reason she was in a fluster about there not being enough wine for their guests is because the wedding in Cana was the second marriage ceremony for Mary’s son, Jesu. Let me elaborate.

The first marriage of a newly wed couple would take place before Passover (close to Easter). Then, as law dictated, during the months of November – December the couple were legally allowed to engage in sexual union to procreate. IF the woman conceived, then, and only then, a second marriage would take place before Passover, one year later. Since Mary Magdalene bathed and anointed Jesus’s feet twice before Passover, we can assume, by law, that she was with child. Therefore, the second marriage in Cana took place just weeks before Jesu’s crucifixion.

Furthermore, another vital piece of evidence that has been overlooked is the fact that Mother Mary asked Mary Magdalene to enter the burial tomb of her son to ‘prepare his body’. Again, the preparations within a sepulcher were the express right of the dead man’s wife! If Mary Magdalene were not the wife of Jesus, then Mother Mary would have taken on this responsibility herself. All of these put together reveals more evidence for their marriage than not.

Krishna Rose

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