The Sacrificed Daughter: Mary Magdalene

Aug 31, 2020 | Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Yeshua

We cannot be authentic, whilst we hide secret habits from others. Fearing the prying eyes of judgement, we believe that we can hide the truth of our nature from others, when in truth, everything is seen in the light of day.
Mary Magdalene is said to have had seven demons within her, which were then slain by her husband Yeshua, Jesus. In truth, there is no evidence whatsoever for her ‘demonic possession’, however, what she would have been privy to, was an ancient rite of passage known as The Dance of the Seven Veils. No, it wasn’t an actual dance, but a spiritual soul-searching through seven veils of illusion. Much like a vision quest.


The path of the Feminine Divine encouraged the women to enter these sacred mysteries, of the hidden, to face the shadows and hidden thresholds within. The word demon was merely a convenient addition, a lie, purposefully attached to Magdalene’s name. The church did this so as to demote Mary Magdalene’s true station as the Messiah’s wife. However it did get me wondering, “What was the dance of the seven veils and how might the tools of the Divine Feminine be relevant to me, and to us, today?”


The dance of the seven veils was an ancient Egyptian and Essene rite of passage, wherein the seeker would face their own ‘demons’. The seven illusions and attachments are where the soul has bound itself to unhappiness and discontent. This rite of passage was a challenge to face. To face the truth of who we are. Such rites are portals of change. They teach us where the connection points are, where spirit is attaching itself to false living. We face our pride, our ego, our selfishness, and our addiction. Challenged and healed by the light of regret, mercy, and forgiveness, this climate of honest reflection was said to bring light into the darkest of places.


This reflective path is one that Mary Magdalene, the heroine of my historical novel, Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks, willingly explores. She journeys into the fullest extent of darkness and light in human nature. She did this as an act of mercy, as it was her Messianic duty to unravel the serpents of deception, so that she could better understand how to help those who were still rooted in unfulfilling fantasies.


Her sacred duty, as the Messiah’s wife and leader of women, was to investigate the inner-realms, which are so often neglected in our quest for pleasure of one kind or another. As the Feminine Christ, Mary Magdalene would have been exposed to the most esoteric rituals of fasting, prayer, and meditation. We see from history that she was the victim of much envy and hatred amongst the men of that time. That hatred continued on, beneath the foundation stones of Jesu’s church, which have Paul and Peter at its helm… who were both known misogynists. This is where the people have been misled, for in truth, the rock was the tower, the Magdalene. The foundation must be strong, both at the bottom, as well as the top. If the top is rotten, then the bottom will also rot. Thus, Jesu left the ministry in the hands of his nearest and dearest – James, his younger brother, who went on to become the Head of the Jerusalem Church, and Mary Magdalene, his wife and holy grail, carrier of the Messianic bloodline, teachings and ways.


When the foundation is built on lies,

It is sure to crumble into the ocean and fall.


Mary Magdalene knew from watching the men squabble on points of spiritual law, that she would need to teach the people another way. A way that was not so much about laws and empty ceremonies. Having seen the darkness of the underworlds, as well as the glory of the heavens, she took it as her sacred duty to lead the way by her own glorious example. Whilst raising her three children: Sarah-Tamar (daughter of John the Baptist, her first husband) Josephus, and Jesus Justus – her two sons with Jesu, Mary ran an active ministry – healing the sick and baptizing the faithful. Her life was entirely dedicated to sharing with others, what she herself had discovered within her own prayer and meditation. Eventually, once her children were all settled, she withdrew from public life and lived out her days in a cave upon a small mountain in Southern France. Eating only what the Lord supplied, she prayed, naked with the elements. Her example, like the example found in most saints’, teaches us how to let go of illusory life. We must all come to know ourselves, to understand and realize our eternal Self. We cannot be authentic, whilst we hide secret habits from others. Fearing the prying eyes of judgement, we believe that we can hide the truth of our nature from others, when in truth, everything is seen in the light of day. It is we who deceive ourselves into thinking that our secrets are safe, while our shadows force scenarios to appear over and over again. Eventually, by our awakening love, the light enters in and pierces the spell, shattering it to pieces…

The more deeply hidden our secrets are,

The further we are from God;

Therefore do not for a moment,

Think that you have successfully fooled anyone,

Into thinking you are perfect,

This is far from the truth,

As all is revealed,

Within the light;

We must all eventually face our own ‘demons’,

And repent,

As it is by the power of our honest regret,

That we shall transform.

So too shall we become the heroes of our stories,

This is our time to shine,

To be made whole,

And to remember the purity that we are;

The spirit within,

Yearns for this memory,

It longs to awaken to its natural eternal consciousness,

It is the destiny of all;

When the body dies,

The spirit continues to exist,

And all our deeds in life are reflected as truth returned to us,

And our only regret shall be the loss of time…

Since publishing my book, Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks, I have opened an on-line mystery school, wherein seekers of all faith are offered a simple learning program: The Dance of the Seven Veils. These are the mysteries of transformation… where sin becomes virtue, and miracles bless and strengthen you. This will be the first of many courses I create, I hope. For I have much to share with you. Unfolding oneself offers the opportunity to face the shadows and facilitate self-change. 

If you would like to participate in transformation, this will be The First Gate. The first portal for all future courses, which are unfolding. Watch this space, as more will be offered soon. Right now, we are running a special price for The Dance of the Seven Veils course: $49.99. I have lowered the price to reflect our current global situation. Please take advantage of this special offer, just as soon as you can, and let us begin this sacred journey of awakening together. If you really want to take my courses, but cannot afford them, please write back to me, to ask for a scholarship. These courses are the foundation of spiritual learning. It is time spent together in sacred space. Be sure to join my weekly newsletter, so you never miss an episode of The Oracle of the Grail. 

Krishna Rose
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