The Pools & Pillars Of Reflected Truth – Crucial Life Lessons

Nov 29, 2021 | honesty, prayer, spiritual

Remember, honest repentance is the key to your freedom.

Looking honestly at one’s own reflection, in order to assess who we are in truth, beyond all facades, is the most important lesson to be learned. Today, I wish to offer you a transformative experience. Take a moment. Breathe deeply, and become fully present. Speak each sentence below, outloud, and see where your weaknesses and duplicities lie. Then, once you have seen the truth of your own reflection, carve each principle upon your brow, for by them you may measure yourself, assess the truth of who you are, and rise above any egoistic weakness that might be there. Remember, honest repentance is the key to your freedom.


“I have never committed sin.” 

“I have never stolen.”

“I have never been violent toward a living being.”

“I have never killed someone, human or animal.”

“I have never tried to steal someone’s husband or wife.”

“I have not swindled holy offerings for myself.”

“I have never stolen from the Lord.”

“I have not told lies.”

“I have not pretended to be something I am not.”

“I have never cursed or wished ill on someone.”

“I have never closed my ears, eyes, or heart to someone in need.”

“I have never rejected the truth.”

“I have never committed adultery.”

“I have not caused someone to suffer.”

“I have not felt slothful sorrow without reason.”

“I have never assaulted or violated anyone.”

“I am not deceitful.”

“I have never had ulterior motives for the generosity I gave.”

“I have never insulted someone for thinking or believing differently.”

“I have never forced someone to do something against their will.”

“I have not participated in harmful gossip.”

“I have not criticized or judged.”

“I have not falsely accused anyone.”

“I do not pollute my body.”

“I have never caused a disruption of peace.”

“I have never used my words to harm.”

“I have never exaggerated my words.”

“I have not worked evil.”

“I have never polluted the water.”

“I have not thought of myself as being above anyone.”

“I have never tried to impress someone.”

“I have not stolen from or disrespected the deceased.”

“I have never rejected someone who needed my help.”

“I have never manipulated for my own personal gain.”

“I have never expected someone to behave a certain way, to keep my heart open.”

“I have never placed conditions on love.”

“I have never spent my time wastefully.”

“I have always done the right thing by others.”

“I have never broken my vows.”

“I have never held back my love self-righteously.”

“I have never pretended to be something I am not, to gain followers.”

“I have never stolen someone’s wealth.”

“I have never laughed at someone’s weakness or problems.”

“I have never tried to ruin someone’s reputation.”

“To protect my own reputation, I have never hurt another person.”


Now, take another deep breath. Accept the lessons you received within the innermost temple of your heart. This is a great opportunity for change. 

Krishna Rose

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