The Poisons That Bind

Nov 1, 2021 | Goddess, Mary Magdalene, spiritual

The spirit does not know fear, it is free, blissful, and made of eternal love.  

The last two newsletters examined the truth of our distractions, and how we have been manipulated and controlled, individually, and as a whole. Today, I wish to assess how our thinking and will-power have been thwarted by illusory power, so that we may make better choices for ourselves.

Sloth – Maintaining Ignorance Even After Waking: When we turn from God the soul easily falls into the shackles of selfish-want. Sloth is the lazy climate of sleepy ignorance, wherein we indulge ourselves until we are dulled into a state of forgetfulness. Forgetfulness of our difficulties, but also forgetfulness of God. The climate of sloth is increased by drunkenness, drug-induced numbness, plentiful TV watching, and excessive sleep.

Pridefulness: This poison is the belief in one’s superiority over others. This can manifest in any given situation, but especially at work or at your place of worship. The intoxication of the false-ego shackles the soul to the poison of baseless pride, for in truth, we know little, and we understand even less. Pride is the last snare of maya (illusion) that must be given up if we wish to enter the Kingdom, whereas humility is the climate of that person who has been touched by Divine love. Pride is not.

Envy: Wishing ill on others by mind or speech is a sin and must be given up. Envy does not allow us to be grateful for what we have. We always want more than we have, and are often jealous of those who seemingly have more than us. Not understanding that we are all given exactly what we need and deserve in this life, we stew in negative thoughts about others’, missing the opportunity to give and receive love generously.

Lust: The shackles of fleshly want, causing people untold misery is sure to follow. Bound to lower-habits which cause suffering to others, lust makes slaves of us as we are thrown to the turning wheels of karma. Our selfishness returns to us as future suffering. To enter a climate of peace we must give up lust in all of its myriads. Lust for power, lust for pleasure, and lust for reputation.

Anger: The wrath of the egoistic mind fights to be heard, to win and be right. When we want things to go our way, we control with harsh words, and when our humble gratitude is lost, we become overwhelmed by anger. Pride and anger go hand in hand together, one fires the other. If we wish to give up the fiery wrath of a harsh tongue, and the fighting spirit of vain pridefulness, we must seek humility by freeing ourselves of the need for reputation, elevation, importance, recognition, and privilege. This life has been gifted to us so that we might live a life of holiness. When the ego is bruised, touched, or pushed, anger rises up like a fury ready to attack. It must be given up if we wish to enter the Kingdom.  

Ego: The ego is the pretender in us. The exaggerated part of ourselves that craves attention, wants to be liked and noticed by others, and needs to be looked up to in some way. The ego takes on the role of an actor, a role, to mask and hide the weakness, fear, and self-doubt that we feel deep inside. We all have this to varying degrees and it is not real. The ego leads the pure soul away from God consciousness. Believing oneself to be important, we mistakenly think that we are here to have and taste what we wish for at any given moment. The ego drags the soul into one delusion after another, until, like a dream, life passes us by and we see that we have made no progress at all. We are bound to die, so the temporary ego fears death, while the soul knows itself to be eternal and undying. The ego dies when this body is slain, therefore the ego is fearful, not the soul. The spirit does not know fear, it is free, blissful, and made of eternal love.  

If you wish to participate in a transformation experience you may wish to consider taking my on-line course which I have created. After writing my book Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks, I wanted to assist people further, by helping them relinquish the shackles of the lower-nature, which are the cause of all our struggles. We do this by embracing the higher-nature. Change begins with each of us, so let us be the change! If you are not able to buy the course, but wish to take it, please write to me. I am not in this for the money, this work is my service and offering, for as we rise, we rise together!


Fear, bribery, dark secrets, extortion and slander are some of the ways these lower-dimensional beings ruin the lives of those who do not comply with their wishes. Using spies and informants, they are cruel masters without a moral compass. Sorcery and arcane power are utilized to cast spells of illusion, and webs of mistruths, which they use to control the masses. Networks of corrupt officials and powerful bodyguards protect them from exposure. Only their closest aides know of their true demonic form, and even then, enchantments and incantations prevent any betrayal by such servitors.


They are highly intelligent creatures with access to technologies far beyond that which we see. They know the power of suggestion, and have learned how to use it to control the narrative of what we perceive as reality. Within ritual ceremonies they offer sacrifices to deities of darkness, such as Satan, and Moloch. In order to rid ourselves of their hold over us, collectively, let us choose to pour loving kindness into the darkest of places, remembering that demons, as well as their worshippers, were also created in the light of God’s love. As we remember this truth we may positively affect and shift our collective reality. Many people have been tricked and trapped by a system from which they cannot escape. They have no way out. They too experience misery as they are forced to engage in wicked acts of violence, and take extremely addictive substances like adrenochrome. Would God hold back his love and compassion for those who are within these secret societies? Surely not! Therefore, let us reach for them with our prayers, to help them. The lost sheep are as dear to the Lord, as the found ones – remember. Therefore, let us pray for the depraved and wicked who have lost their way. This is where change begins! 

If we wish to pour the holy water of divine inspiration into the river of our understanding, we must knock down every wall that separates us from love, kindness, cleanliness and goodness. 


When we remember who we are in spirit we are reminded that we are powerful beyond measure. The Shakti (energy) of the Supreme Goddess flows through our blood, bones, breath, and spirit at all times. Her creative powers are inside of each created being, and this ability holds limitless potential. We can literally move mountains with our intent. Therefore, during these uncertain times let us utilize our God-given power for the betterment of ourselves, the environment, and the collective. Together let us heal and ascend, remembering that there is no end to the beauty we can create here on earth and in the afterlife. Hold your shields of Divine protection high, and shine light into the darkness. Together we can make a difference.

Krishna Rose

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