The Oracle Of The Grail Speaks: Who Do You Worship?

Jan 10, 2022 | God, religion, religious

Be not threatened by those who worship differently to you, by people who call God by a name that is unfamiliar to you.

The core of all belief teaches us to have one Master, God. We need not worship the sun god or offer prayers to Heaven, or the underworlds. Our Grail King, Jesu, shone light upon the privileged classes, the priests and rabbis, who fattened their purse on innocent bloodshed and sacrifice. He did this to show us that men who live like Kings are not men of God, as wealth and prestige makes not a man holy. Nor does it make one an emissary of the Lord.

Dependence on organized religions and politicians can be a good thing IF and WHEN the leaders are not corrupted by greed and selfishness. However, as we have seen from history, and still today, this is usually not the case. When people are put into positions of power and wealth, and are worshipped by the masses, inevitably most succumb to sexual transgressions, cheating and lying. To keep their secrets well hidden, they deviate from the straight path, misleading the world and their followers.

Therefore, remember, you and I have been offered the keys to eternity. Not one of us is set above the other before the Lord, and no one but God can claim to be God. Therefore, seek not the rays of the sun, nor the sun which makes the rays, but rather seek He who created the heat which warms thee, and the light by which you can see.

Be not threatened by those who worship differently to you, by people who call God by a name that is unfamiliar to you. Instead, see the uniting force of love and devotion to the Supreme Lord, Who has limitless names. This is to understand and have wisdom.

Krishna Rose

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