The Never-ending Streams Of Grace And Mercy

May 17, 2021 | devotion, God, Goddess

There are fundamental misunderstandings about life, death, and the afterlife. About heaven and hell… but moreso, about the eternal Kingdom.

It is not by our effort alone, that we can see God or the Eternal Kingdom. We cannot pretend or imagine what Divinity looks like, for these most confidential truths are revealed to us by the strength of our inner-searching, only when blessed by the pure saints, who ensure our success. We have only to surrender and allow God’s holy name to descend upon the heart, and by its presence, we shall discover, uncover, unravel and realize the Almighty within a state of trance. We cannot realize such things within our ordinary consciousness.


If we wish to reach beyond human suffering and struggle, we shall have to learn how to slow down, be patient and pray until God becomes our reality… and when I speak of God… I speak of God and Goddess, the Divine Feminine and Masculine.


Grace and mercy flow like never-ending streams,

Delivering unto those who yearn,

The triumphant throne of the Kingdom,

Which nestles effortlessly,

Rooted in the sacred beating heart of all.


Eternity rolls itself out before you,

To sustain you,

Through the fount of Divine Mothers kindness;

Through Her,

You shall see no more death,

But you must seek,

And knock,

And endeavor,

To enter the welcoming doors of the Kingdom,

Where the Almighty waits to embrace you.

Eternity rolls itself out before you,

Sustaining you by the fount of Divine Mothers kindness,

Through Her we shall see no more death,

Yet we neither seek,

Nor do we knock,

Nor do we endeavor,

Therefore the welcoming doors of the Kingdom are closed to us.

Krishna Rose
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