The Mysteries of Rennes Le Château: Part 4

Apr 11, 2022 | Christ, church, Mary Magdalene

It is not like any other church or cathedral I have ever been to. There is no awe here, only sweetness.

As promised, here is the next, highly anticipated newsletter from my series on the mysteries of Rennes Le Château. The intrigues of this region feature in my book Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks, as I believe Mary Magdalene lived and was buried in this area, alongside a ‘great treasure’.

Could it be the missing Knights Templar acquisition, part of King Soloman’s lost treasure from the Temple in Jerusalem?

Some speculate that the “treasure” is likely ancient gold coins, while others believe there are parchment papers proving the marriage of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, as well as their bloodline jewels and relics. Many believe there are maps to the lost Arc of the Covenant. All of these theories are possible, credible, and most likely correct in part.

Bas Relief Image #1

The front altar bas relief at Rennes Le Château depicts Mary Magdalene kneeling in a cave nearby a hilltop church. The landscape in the background of this image is the surrounding area of Rennes Le Château church. Sauniere seems to be hinting that there is a great secret to do with Mary Magdalene, buried somewhere closeby. Planted in the ground before her, is the branch of a flowering vine in the shape of a cross. The vine is alive with budding leaves. This could indicate a bloodline lineage from Christ. There is a strange skull before her, furnished with an eyeball staring at Mary Magdalene’s intertwined fingers. Her fingers are crossed beneath her very clearly painted womb. Another clue?

In the distant landscape are the letters “J” and “M”. Jesus and Mary Magdalene?

Figure #2: St Magdalene and the cross

Here, Mary Magdalene holds a cross and an urn, both symbols of death. Once again, she has a skull at her feet. Another symbol of death. Is Sauniere hinting that Mary Magdalene’s body is buried somewhere in the surrounding fields? There is an open book at her feet, indicating something important to be discovered and read. Again, Sauniere seems to be hinting at an important grave.

Could it be the gravesite of Mary Magdalene, or even Jesus?!?

One thing’s for certain, Sauniere was determined that whatever it was he found would not die with him despite the Vatican’s efforts to suppress and silence him (and Mary Magdalene) forever. Sauniere is a Grail hero who rebelled against the pope and church to ensure that the Feminine Christ would remain on people’s minds and hearts. Everyone loves a scandalous secret. Similarly, even though it may be painful to hear the truth after being told a lie, the truth must be revealed and told. Right? Such are the times we again now live in. Certainly, these cryptic images were left for someone to decipher after his death.

Bas Relief # 3: The Fleury Tableau (above the confessional)

Bas Relief #3, known as the Fleury Tableau, hangs above the confessional at the left of the church as you enter. Sauniere clearly reveals a burial mound. The hill is covered with flowers and herbs, another indication of a grave site. The flowers are local fauna, typical to the Rennes Le Château area. There is a golden purse at the bottom of the grave, possibly indicating there are gold coins buried here. Next to the golden purse is a cross with a circle, similar to a Celtic cross, indicating the Feminine aspect of Christ consciousness.

The surrounding countryside in the full image is of Coustaussa, near Rennes Le Château. In the background, Sauniere has painted himself dressed in his long cloak, with an umbrella in his right hand. He is bent over, staring at a small mound with a bush growing on top of it. Sauniere seems to be drawing attention to the mound. Could this be where the priest reburied a great secret? 

Bas Relief #4 Front Altar:

Could this be the original burial site of Mary Magdalene? 

The front altar seems to hint that he has found the body of Mary Magdalene, along with important secret information, and has reburied them somewhere in the local countryside. In the background, Sauniere has very specifically documented the surrounding landscape. Mary Magdalene again has a skull before her, an open book with something in it about Jesus, a wooden cross, and a treasure. The Front Altar is overlooked by Mother Mary and Joseph, each carrying a child. Some believe this is evidence for Jesus having a twin (Didymus Thomas). As in the Da Vinci Code, Mary Magdalene is depicted with symbols of death, beneath a starry sky.

Certainly, the Vatican wanted to ensure Sauniere’s findings never saw the light of day.

I have been blessed to have made many holy pilgrimages around the world and I must say that Rennes Le Château is one of my personal favorites. The energy is profusely sweet, as if someone very saintly has been buried there. It is not like any other church or cathedral I have ever been to. There is no awe here, only sweetness. The only times I have felt this level of sweet vibration was in the presence of my holy master, Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja, a pure saint, and in Vrindavana, India, at the samadhi (grave) of Sri Rupa Goswami, a devoted servant of the Goddess from Renaissance period.

Krishna Rose

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