The Mysteries of Rennes Le Château – Part 1

Mar 21, 2022 | church, holy grail, Mary Magdalene

Steeped in history and mysticism, Rennes Le Château and its surrounding landscape lends itself to Grail legend.

Over the next few weeks we shall decode some of the most intriguing secrets of Rennes Le Château, a church, located on a hilltop, overlooking the verdant landscape of medieval France. Two-thousand years ago, this ancient hill was known as Redhae, land of the Goddess. After thirty-years of research, it is my firm belief that Mary Magdalene and some of her family and protectors, at some point, resided in this area.

Steeped in history and mysticism, Rennes Le Château and its surrounding landscape lends itself to Grail legend. Is there indeed a great treasure that Mary Magdalene brought here from Jerusalem? Is she herself buried somewhere in the surrounding countryside? Certainly, Rennes Le Château hints at lost secrets and treasures, and some say there is solid evidence here in the form of scrolls that prove Mary Magdalene and Jesus’s marriage and royal bloodline.


When Berenger Sauniere, a Catholic priest, undertook renovations within his church, Rennes Le Château, he found ancient parchments beneath the Altar. Then, when the Altar stone was raised, Sauniere found a hidden crypt where some say lay the entombed body of Mary Magdalene. Buried with her were maps leading to the lost treasures and acquisitions of the Knights Templar who at one point lived in this region.


Did Sauniere find treasure from the Temple of Solomon? Is the Arc of the Covenant, or the Holy Grail buried somewhere in Rennes Le Château area? Perhaps we will never know, but one thing is certain, Berenger Sauniere, who was once poverty stricken, suddenly became immensely wealthy after finding secret documents that affected his faith. Did the Vatican fear his findings enough to silence him forever?


Did the Catholic church pay handsomely for Sauniere’s silence?

Krishna Rose

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