The Mountain We Must Climb

Sep 5, 2022 | God, Goddess, Krishna

When God and Goddess are the main attraction, you know that you are on the right path, no matter what you call it.

Thank you for your patience as I took a much needed two month sabbatical for myself after recently being diagnosed with Crohns and Lupus, two auto-immune diseases, which very much slow down my efforts to teach and share what I have been blessed to have been given. These chronic diseases are the side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs given to me in my youth by Doctors in the UK. Living with Lupus has been especially difficult. I accept that God has given me these challenges, as karma, to help me. I have often prayed to have my karma given to me, wherein I am the only one suffering, rather than karma that affects one’s family or life in a major way. So I am not complaining, just explaining why sometimes I need to take a break.


During this time, I have been diving deep into fasting, praying, meditating and especially chanting holy names. Time-off is well-spent within Bhakti practices, as it is extremely difficult to climb out of the cycle of death and rebirth by our own efforts. Karma is the most powerful force of nature and we are not easily liberated from it. Therefore, it is advised that we seek counsel from those who have risen above the mundane nature. A spiritual teacher will advise you that without some effort, there will be no growth or spiritual advancement. The pure saints have exemplified the path of love by dedicating themselves to time spent seeking, finding, and sharing eternity. The only true path is the path of love, and love for God is experienced through a process known as Bhakti-yoga, which is the development of devotional sentiments.

Any opportunity for Grace is an opportunity for change

Yearning is the only requirement for the element of sacred Bhakti to descend into the pilgrims heart.

Processes like chanting God’s holy names help us give up the ego’s selfish-centeredness.

When God and Goddess are the main attraction, you know that you are on the right path, no matter what you call it. If you prefer to only worship God, that is fine, but ultimately, the Masculine Divine is only one-half of the entirety of God. We are born into the flesh through a father and mother, and, in spirit, we come from Father and Mother Divine. Amein.

Krishna Rose

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