The Many Charms Of The Reflecting Mirrors

Nov 23, 2020 | Krishna, Secrets, spiritual

Forgiveness, given and received, is an act of grace. It is also the highest path and is the simplest way to live as brothers and sisters here on earth.

I have been busy as a bee all year, writing a second book entitled The Secrets In The Mirror. This book will be a call to action, a call to the awakened mind, to take time for honest self-reflection, transformation, and prayer. The blooming wisdom that is there in the collective, waiting to be discovered and embodied through us, aches to be discovered. We hope to see it published by Easter 2021, but of course, divine timing may have another plan. I will make announcements here when the time nears.

I am very excited to share this new book with you, wherein many reflecting mirrors are given as ascension tools. The teachings within it are like ancient pools of watery reflection. Found within its pages you will come face to face with opportunities for positive change and then liberation. You may wish to gaze into them, for there, faced with the truth of yourself, especially in relationship with Divinity, lies the portal to your spiritual freedom.

I wish to share with you a sneak peek into one chapter from within the new book (below). I am humbled by these teachings which were given to me – as grace. I live in gratitude that I have a sacred service to write and I pray that these words shall offer you, the reader, hope. Recognizing my sacred service, only wishing to serve, I have written this book:

The Secrets In the Mirror

Be the voice of honesty and temperance and from henceforth choose to shine your light into the heart of creation. Sleep no more. Refine your living spirit within the crucible of life’s tribulations which have always come to reform you. Be not discouraged for in our misunderstanding of things we have become overpowered – blinded by our illusions. We have pretended and believed in the shadow’s hold over us, yet the light inside of us cannot be put out. It is light. It is power, it is frequency, and we are sovereign in spirit, always, and in all situations.

God, and when I speak of God I speak of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, is all-powerful. We are all made of this infinite energy, fully capable of creating anything we would like with our intentions, using the vehicle of the mind. What we create is up to us and that is indeed a huge responsibility, for to do nothing with our inherent infinite creative ability is to waste a human life.

In this way, believing in the illusions of ‘reality’, we have sustained ourselves from a dry fount. Therefore, we always find ourselves thirsting for more. We have forgotten where and how to fill the emptiness we feel inside. Our frustrated attempts to gain permanent pleasure and happiness has left us unfulfilled. Thus we have become tired, confused, anxious, and hurt. Believing that we had moved beyond the wounds of our past, we find that they haunt us continuously – always waiting for a resolution.

We struggle in our relationships because at some point in our lives we came to believe that there is something ‘wrong’ with us. Due to this primary illusion, wherein we have believed that we are flawed in some way, we then act as the character of a victim who hides behind invisible gates and energetic walls. We have become the architects of our own design. Our misunderstanding of suffering, of where and how it came into being, is the reason we feel fearful of fully opening up to the world of form. We do not trust it for we have been hurt. In this way we live a shadow life, accepting it as reality. 

Divine understanding of kismet (karma) is crucial to our peace and is the doorway to forgiveness. The simplest, and most effective resolution, is to give or receive an apology. The word “sorry” uproots hurt like nothing else. The suffering lifts and we immediately forgive them and ourselves entirely. Therefore, forgiveness has been recommended time and again as the remedy for all woe.

“Almighty God, forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.” – Jesu.

So too is it crucial for each of us to beg forgiveness of those who we have hurt – with our words, our deeds, and our actions. To drop all pride for the sake of the soul, to repent sincerely, is to walk the highest human path. It is the doorway to our freedom. Forgiveness, given and received, is an act of grace. It is also the highest path and is the simplest way to live as brothers and sisters here on earth. For we are all brothers and sisters in spirit, eternally speaking.

We want relief but we do not know how to attain it. So we carry grief in our energetic field whilst pretending everything’s alright – and these are the edges we feel when we bump into each other. This life is full of charmed mirrors, which hold our ignorance of reality firm. When we gaze into the deep, dark, reflective waters of Divine Mother’s cosmic womb space what is revealed are the shunned:











And scorned,

Sides of ourselves.

The Lady of the well,

Therefore offers bountiful blessings,

To renew you with holy inspiration;

For the gates of divine life,

Are eternally open,

So that all shall have nourishment.

Krishna Rose
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