The Magdalene Codes

Nov 15, 2021 | God, Mary Magdalene, spiritual

Remember that the darkness is dispelled wherever there is light.

The pure saints have told us that love of God is the secret key to our happiness and wellness. They know that contained within the vessel of consciousness are the treasures of spirit. Those who are tired of the struggle and grief, ache for Divinity. Their only wish is to serve externally in the world, but also within the mind, utilizing the elements of time and emotion for God and Goddess’s pleasure. Meditation, prayerfulness, and conscious awareness should constantly move through us, naturally, until all selfishness has relinquished into the fires of divine love. Only then, does the Kingdom manifest within the constantly devoted heart.

An adjustment must be made if we are to receive, contain, and embody spiritual grace. We do not receive the mercy of God, while we are still enamoured by the illusions of egoistic pleasure-seeking in this world. The medicine for ‘Satan’ which Jesu spoke of, is the art of connecting to and remembering God. Practical applications of devotion are the cure for human sorrow, while sin of habitual ignorance is the dis-ease caused by the worms of fleshly addiction. The more that we return to our primordial consciousness, the more we are able to give and receive unselfishly. For this to be possible, we must rise beyond the false notions and concepts of the ego.

The human thinking mechanism is perfectly designed to accommodate euphoric states of divine awareness. Love is our nature. We were forged from the fires of Divine love. The lower-dimensional beings who negatively influence society towards darkness, have no hold over us, as we are higher-dimensional beings who may influence society with the power of our light. Remember that the darkness is dispelled wherever there is light.

These are the Magdalene codes. The codes of ascension that she is activating at this time. Spiritual life is not sentimental. It is the daily practice of connecting to God with the elemental emotion of pure, unadulterated love.

Krishna Rose

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