The Intriguing Life Of Mary Magdalene

Jan 31, 2022 | bible, Mary Magdalene, scripture

Mary Magdalene was not only close to Jesus, but he preferred her company even over the men!

Jesu and his consort Mary Magdalene, our Messianic power-couple


Mary Magdalene has intrigued me for as long as I can remember. Was she a repentant sinner as the Bible claims, or is she the exiled, lost bride of Israel, the wife of Jesus? There are so many missing details, discrepancies, edits and mistranslations within the New Testament, that I felt compelled to research the earlier, banned books, which were purposely omitted from the Bible. As I delved into the ‘heretical’ scriptures, a question arose, ‘Why did the church ban these beautiful and profound books written by Jesus’s own followers and family members?’ There had to be a political reason, right?

One thing is certain, within the New Testament nothing is clear about the women disciples and apostles who followed and surrounded Christ, whilst so much importance has been afforded to the men. The forbidden books of the Christian and Catholic faith, reveal more of Jesus’s ways and teachings than the Bible. I had found what I was seeking. Mary Magdalene was not only close to Jesus, but he preferred her company even over the men! He gave her secret teachings which the men were not privy to, and it is written that he kissed her often, on the mouth!

Mary Magdalene bathed and anointed Jesu twice, as recorded within the New Testament, but what is the significance of this? Let us examine!

According to the Judaic laws and customs of Jesu’s time, a woman bathed a man’s feet and anointed him with sacred oil whilst performing a bridal ritual. This and this alone is enough evidence to prove their marriage! People do not know these facts of history. If they did, they would understand. Let me elaborate. A woman would never bathe a man’s feet or anoint them with oil, certainly not in public, unless it was for her husband. Similarly, a man would never have kissed a woman on the lips, certainly not in public, unless it was his wife. Now we have some idea as to why the Gnostic Gospels were omitted from the New Testament!

Krishna Rose

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