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by KRISHNA ROSE (Author of Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks)

The Innocence Of Mary Magdalene

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Book Excerpt

“O Lady of Earth and Heaven,
Whose Being is bathed in glittering light,
Through you,
The Vine and the Pomegranate,
Grow rich like Royal Blood,
Flowers burst from ready boughs,
And verdant meadows wake,
All rejoice,
For the Bride has come”

hen contemplating and considering the restoration the Feminine Divine in the spiritual mainstream, Mary Magdalene is indeed to be included in that story. To re-establish Mary Magdalene’s true identity as Bride and Grail (Sangrael – Holy Vessel – Holy Grail) is something that has tried for years to pierce the conscious mind story of humanity. In fact, her name keeps coming up for breath, to be evaluated for good reason.

The name Mary Magdalene was branded and has been famous for 1,400 years as a woman of loose character, a prostitute, a sinner and a woman with a bad name who wiped Jesus’ feet with ointment as a sign of her repentance. All of these ‘facts’ where in fact a fabrication created by Pope Gregory (The Great) for political, financial and religious gain.
What I find so interesting, is how one man blurred the memory of the masses, and changed the course of history and belief so successfully, that still 1,400 years later, we have that belief be the fine thread going through the veins of modern society.

It is most certainly an important story in history that needs to be healed, if we are indeed to change the underlying subconscious belief system of our society for future generations to come.

To name any woman a whore is an awful transgression of anyone’s life story and history…”

— Krishna Rose, author of book Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks

Obscure historical texts seem to indicate that Mary Magdalene was actually powerful woman, an Apostle to the Apostles, the Watchtower over the flock (hence the title Magdalene which literally means watch-tower). She is documented as a leader amongst men (and women), she was independently wealthy and is said to have funded Jesus’ preaching tours. She was most likely the wife of Jesus and bearer of his bloodline (Sangrael – Holy Grail).

How far from the truth can we go I wonder? I am probing the depths of our mistaken beliefs and boldly compare it to modern day fake news.”

— Krishna Rose, author of book Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks

Though the Vatican has offered no apologies to date for deceiving millions of Church followers for the last 1,400 years on the subject of Mary Magdalene being a prostitute, the Church did in 1969 over-rule the slander and heinous interpretation of the story of Magdalene by admitting they were wrong and there was no evidence anywhere for Magdalene ever having worked as a prostitute.

Though the Catholic Church admitted that the story was ‘made up’ by Pope Gregory I in 597 AD, no doubt in an effort to demote and slander the name of Jesus’ wife and the mother of his children, no apology or official statements were given. It is still a long-held belief of the masses that she was a prostitute despite this admittance from the Vatican.

The hostility towards women was founded on the position of the Church ‘fathers’ who viewed women as morally and spiritual inferior to men. For example, the Apostle Paul insisted that women ‘veil themselves and remain silent and subordinate to their husbands and Church’.

In I Timoth, Paul wrote “let a woman learn in silence with submissiveness. I permit no woman to teach or have any authority of men, she is to be silent. For, Adam was formed first, then Eve, and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Woman will be saved only through bearing sons. The head of a woman is a man”. Paul created an argument for removing the spiritual gifts of women from teaching and learning, and this foundation became the backbone for religious thought for many centuries to come.

This thinking used the mythical story of Eve as the whipping girl for humanity’s fall from grace, and thereby made every woman on Earth, for all time, guilty of her crime for being an “Eve”.

The same is true of the story of Mary Magdalene. Through her story we have all become ‘whores’ in the DNA belief systems of mankind, since the only woman worth venerating is that of a perpetual Virgin, through the story of Mother Mary.

Mother Mary is a woman who forever remained a Virgin, despite having given birth to five known children and having been married twice, if not three times as would have been customary for her time period. It makes me wonder what if any about the stories the Church fed the public faithful all these years is credible?

Mother Mary came pregnant to Joseph and was married to him quickly, which implies she was most likely married and something happened to her husband suddenly (read my book wherein I reveal what may have been). When Joseph died she would have been married to his eldest brother Cleophas (confirmed in the Bible), as was customary for that time period.

“This is a subject that is very radical, for the Truth is it makes Mother Mary no less Holy if she were married and had children does it now? Just as it makes Jesus’ teachings and life no less perfect if he were married and had children.”

— Krishna Rose, author of book Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks

By restoring Eve, and Mary Magdalene to their rightful place as icons of history, we can also hail in the belief that God has a Goddess sitting at His side. We are created in God’s image after all, and there are not only men on this planet so it leads one to believe as above so below.

“If you were an all loving God, would you want to be old, alone and condemning people to heaven and hell? I’m certain you would surely want to be Eternally Youthful, All Attractive, and in love with Someone very Beautiful, Who had all the Charm and Character of a Supreme Goddess.”

— Krishna Rose, author of book Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks

In India still today, any depiction of God is always shown with a Goddess at His side. All over the world there are posters everywhere of The Supreme Lord, Krishna, with Supreme Goddess Radha at His side, also of Lord Shiva with His Consort Parvati-Devi and of course Lord Rama with His wife Sita of Ramayana fame. In Kashmir, India there are posters of Jesus with Mary Magdalene at his side as his wife for they knew the truth and did not change history for any monetary gain.

“The Western Rome influenced culture removed the Goddess, and demoted all women. It is time for the world heal from this deep psychological wound, for it is written in The Song of Songs that when The Bride is Restored to her husbands’ side the landscape will be healed and all wars will end and peace will reign upon Earth once more. That time is never needed so badly as it is now. It is here……”

— Krishna Rose, author of book Woman in Red – Magdalene Speaks


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