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What Happened to Mary Magdalene?

by | Dec 4, 2018

“The Church, some three-hundred years later, branded her as a ‘whore’ in order to belittle her station and ruin her reputation as the Apostle to the Apostles, wife of the Master, and Holy Grail (Sangrael – Carrier of his Holy bloodline).”

hy all the sudden interest in Mary Magdalene? Who was she? Why is she such a key factor in our current movement towards a feminine-Divine centered society? Mary Magdalene is a fascinating person in history, whether she was the wife of Jesus or not is not the real issue at hand. Whether she birthed children which went on to become the Kings and Queens of today, is not even the reason for her speciality. What makes her special is her story.

My interest in her all these years later has not waned, but rather, increased. Not merely because she is a woman whose story has many people confused, but because through her we can understand our own struggle with feminine power. She was never a prostitute as the Church would have you believe. In fact evidence shows us that she was a Princess in the line of Benjamin. Sister to Martha and Lazarus, she was a wealthy woman in her own right. Known to be a principal leader and figurehead in the early Jesus movement, she funded Jesu’s tours and retreats.

Artwork by Krishna Rose (copyright © 2010)

The Church, some three-hundred years later, branded her as a ‘whore’ in order to belittle her station and ruin her reputation as the Apostle to the Apostles, wife of the Master, and Holy Grail (Sangrael – Carrier of his Holy bloodline).

The washing of Jesus’s feet and anointing with oil in the ancient world was a Judaic ritual for engagement and wedding vows. There is no other reason a woman would bathe and anoint a man’s feet two times, unless she was his wife, but more so, was carrying his child.

This set apart, her story is interesting since it seems through her life the current male institutional religions in the world have maintained a thoroughly masculine focused dogmatic approach to spirituality. It is worth reflecting upon that it is in fact rare to see any religion balance love for God with any mention of a Goddess at all – what to speak of offering positions of leadership to a female spiritual leader.

Such was the power of the Church over the mindset of the masses. However, God’s truth carries with it a great power which is unstoppable.”

Goddesses were as much a part of the worlds culture and faith for thousands of years before Christianity came along. Pagans, Druids, Celts, Native Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Vedic civilization, Hindu, Buddhist, Jews, Romans, Greeks….. all of them worshipped Goddesses openly.

So what happened? How did it all begin that the word Goddess was likened to heresy and be worthy of good hanging or burning? Please continue reading what happened next in “What Happened to Mary Magdalene Part II


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