The Grail Asks: Who Is Accountable For Suffering?

Feb 23, 2021 | God, grief, happiness, love

Where does that love come from and where does it go? These are the true mysteries of life.

Almost everyone on earth is born of a heritage of violence, slavery, incarceration, war, or martyrdom. We all carry a moral sense of outrage inside because of it. Not understanding these feelings that are buried inside of us, we find that we still carry a belief somewhere that someone should be held accountable for our pain and suffering.  

Surrender is the ultimate grace. It is the purpose of existence, for within surrender our Eternal Reality is to be found. Our whole entire lives we have lived must have more meaning than just what we have or don’t have in life. Why were we born? Why are we here on earth? Why do we die? Where do we go when we leave this body? Surrender is the answer to all of life’s questions.

Our planet is a most sacred place in which all souls come to grow. Everything we experience on this plane teaches us to surrender, to let go, to be free. We are surrounded by grace. It is everywhere. Grace is profoundly mysterious, often coming to us in ways that do not feel like grace at all. For example, the death of a loved one. Why has it happened? How could Grace possibly have a hand in this? We cannot accept or surrender to the deep grief we feel inside, so we pass blame upon God. The painful emotions that surface when we know we will never see this person again, never hear their voice, never hold their hand, never look into their eyes… are rooted in love. Where does that love come from and where does it go? These are the true mysteries of life.

To surrender,

Is to absolutely receive God’s grace;

To receive the infinite blessings of Divine love,

We must not hide from our own sacred inner-hearts.


We are only given that which we are wholly ready for, that which has been precisely designed for us to fulfill our destiny—to fulfill the very reason for which we were born. As challenging as life may sometimes seem, when we surrender, we invariably recognize the greatness and perfection of every life experience.

Krishna Rose

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