The Emptiness That Is Never Filled – Questions from the Mind: Answers from Spirit The Oracle Speaks

Nov 8, 2021 | prayer, self love, spiritual

“You are loved, more than you could ever know.”

Today, I wish to share simple transformations in spirit which can easily and effortlessly heal the mind and body that is disturbed, overwhelmed, dis-eased, or burdened. The questions below are questions of the mind, while the replies offer channelled solutions from the Oracle.


  1. I want to be loved.
  2. I want to be recognized.
  3. No one understands me… I feel isolated and alone.
  4. I secretly fear everything, as anything can go wrong at any moment. 
  5. I am depressed but no one would ever know it.
  6. My hunger, thirst, and desires control me completely.
  7. I have no self-control, yet I try to control everything and everyone around me.
  8. I am insecure, depleted of trust, due to my past experiences. No one would ever know it, as I hide behind feigned confidence.
  9. I am broke, but I pretend to be richer than I am… by having things that others’ want.
  10. No matter how much I eat, or have, I am never satisfied. I always want more. 


  1. “You are loved, more than you could ever know.”
  2. “The only Eyes you need to be recognized by are God’s. The ego that you identify with is not real.”
  3. “You are born and die alone. God alone can reach into you to fill you. No one in this world can give you true security.”
  4. “Fear is a lack of faith in God’s plan.”
  5. “Depression is due to two things:
  • Misunderstanding life’s trials and tribulations as ‘wrongs’ and personal attacks, you have forgotten to accept your returned karma. Your resistance to taking responsibility causes you to hold grudges. This leaves you feeling unloved and unlovable.”
  • “When you are disconnected from God, you are like a fish out of water. No one can be happy in a foreign environment. The soul is miserable from mundane unfulfillment. If you wish to be happy, spend time each day connecting with Divinity, in the tongue of your faith, by chanting God’s holy name. It offers immediate relief.”
  1. “Trying fill the emptiness inside with food, sex, intoxication, or material things… cannot give you satisfaction. The absence of God, and His love, is the reason why your desires control you. When you surrender more deeply to God, through a daily practice, strength, self-control and restraint will be given as a gift to your soul.”

  1. “You have no power to control anyone or anything in this life. Your ego may tell you differently. It lies. There is a plan for your soul, so surrender to each moment humbly as it unfolds. Accept people as they are without trying to change them. This is the path to peace. Your ego’s attempts to have the upper-hand in any given situation leaves you frustrated. Give it up. For your soul’s betterment, reach for higher ground, doing everything with kindness, generosity, and love always.”

  1. “Insecurity is due to living life through the false-ego. The ego is not real. It is temporary and will die when the body and mind dies. The spirit is secure in itself. It is eternal, undying and full of bliss. The more that you engage in activities that increase your spiritual awareness, the less insecure you will feel.”

  1. “Wealth doesn’t buy happiness. Having expensive things at the expense of your peace is a cause of great stress. The ego wants to look good in the eyes of others while in spirit you are wealthy, therefore seek the treasures of the Kingdom and you will want for nothing. It is not possible to be peaceful as long as you want more than you are given. This does not mean you cannot dream big, it means that whatever you have been given is perfect. Eye for eye you have exactly what you need and deserve at every given moment.” 
  2. “Satisfaction is something found in spirit alone. Nothing and no one from this world can fill the void within. Only a reuniting with God can fill this emptiness.”
Krishna Rose

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