The Chalice And Blade Of Spiritual Life

Jun 14, 2021 | depression, love, spiritual

As we heal our own ego’s, we are more able to bear insult and dishonor, humbly understanding that such insults are the fruit of our own kismet (karma).

When a seeker embraces God within the innermost chamber of the heart, divinity’s pure qualities enter them—to fill the empty void inside. By this sweet grace all disastrous dissatisfactory habits flee. The burning want of materialism is pacified by our Lord and Lady’s vibrations and baptizing effulgence. In a natural, unforced way, saintly behavior becomes manifest in the sincere pilgrim when they bow down out of great yearning and devotion. Our Lady’s pleasure shakti (power) provides us with the spiritual strength and protection we need to overcome all problems. And as our spiritual realization and strength increases due to the cleansing power of our practices, humility organically sprouts and mixes with the fertile soil of the heart, giving the seeker a fervent taste for holy living. This is due to having been touched by the mercy and potency of the Divine. In this way, the portals to eternal life open, due to the impatient tender-hearted desire of our Father and Mother Divine, who are eager to reunite with each created soul-child.


Depression and sadness, as well as obsessions and compulsions, are in the heart of those souls who choose to remove themselves from their connection to God, in favor of their own needs and wants. Therefore, we are all disturbed by mundane affliction. The further away we choose to be from God, the more we are steeped in misfortune and torment. In humanity’s enthusiastic pursuit of happiness we have forgotten how to maintain our primary relationship with the Almighty. Preoccupied with the dreams of this world we neglect to appreciate the true situation of the soul.


In Your garden,

There are many blossoming flowers,

Each one unique,

And open.

Humbly, if Ye give me permission,

I shall tirelessly pick,

For Your altar,

To lay,

The blooming hearts,

 Of those who reach,

Upon Your shrine,

Delivering them,

Offering them,

A place at Your lotus feet.


As we heal our own ego’s, we are more able to bear insult and dishonor, humbly understanding that such insults are the fruit of our own kismet (karma). Trees offer shelter, fruits, nuts, sap and even their own bodies to any who have need of nourishment or protection. They tolerate without complaining. Even if we cut off the tree’s limbs, still the tree does not complain. It remains humble and forgiving despite the pain and discomfort it feels, sometimes standing still for hundreds of years. This analogy of the ancient power of tree-wisdom, teaches us to grow deep roots of tolerance. Especially when it comes to differences of belief. Without this we are doomed as a humanity. We are one spiritual family beneath Almighty God and Goddess, and we are here to embody the kindness and gentle nature of the Divine Feminine, sharing compassion and generosity with one and all.


What is the significance of this understanding for us today?

Setting an intention – a goal – for your life is necessary. Knowing and understanding what the afterlife has in store, to some degree at least, is essential to our liberation and happiness. When we shoot an arrow at a bullseye, we must first place our intent upon the center of the circle at which we are shooting. Otherwise the arrow will go where it wills. However, when we realize what and where the ultimate destination for the soul is … then we can steadily apply ourselves to that end. 50% by our effort and 50% by Grace and Mercy, we can then advance towards the goal – The Kingdom of God. 

But where is that Kingdom, and what do the eternal beings there do? Who is God? Who is the Goddess? Who are we in relation with Them? What sort of souls live there? These are many of the questions which I quested for and found. Without this, we are victims to many cycles of birth, death, and struggle. It is only with spiritual practice, alongside true knowledge, that we can transcend the illusions which have held us bound.

Krishna Rose

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