The Bleeding Wounds Of Our Unhappiness

Jun 21, 2021 | Goddess, happiness, self love

Be reminded, that in spirit, you are laden with the pulsing beauty of patience, tolerance, and forgiveness.

The tapestry of the soul is made with the shining threads of love. Understanding this simple truth, allows you to thrive in the peacefulness of holy composure, which embraces you with good fortune. Where there was once anger, is now equanimity. Where there was self-hatred. there is self-assurance, and where there was once disturbance—quietude, patience, and composure now reside.


Simply by allowing Divine acceptance to fill the empty space inside, where once pride, vanity, and selfishness dwelled, the arrogance of false living is given up. Be reminded, that in spirit, you are laden with the pulsing beauty of patience, tolerance, and forgiveness. Therefore, you may freely share these virtues with every living being who crosses your path, for the more you give, the more you receive. Brimming with broad-minded sensitivity towards all who suffer, you become a light-bearer, for you are filled with a light that never ends. Charged, you find yourself overflowing with energy, and purpose; for selflessness rewards the soul with feelings of euphoria.

Divine Mother’s potency is a current of potential. Where you are blocked, you find limitless opportunities. Where you were once shattered—pure vibration heals and moves through you. Where you hoard—you expand and activate your releasing power. You unchain yourself from the shackles of self-imposed attachment to mundane living.

The Divine Feminine delivers the soul by liberating it from the bleeding wounds of selfish want, and the misery that it creates. To develop a relationship with God is natural for us. For God is both our Mother and Father Divine. Our separation from Them is the root cause of our unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and fear. Goddess’s shakti has the power to overwhelm all desires, to assist us in overcoming our lower-nature. In our remembrance of this simple truth, the sage of mind, seek for a vision of God and the holy kingdom. For they have understood that it is by far the easiest and quickest means of deliverance.

The treasures of chanting the holy names of God are waiting to be discovered by us. To deliver God’s mercy. The inner-sight is activated when we breathe the Almighty into the empty cavern of our longing. Hence, we feel strength fill us, where before there was weakness. God’s frequency is the light that fills the darkness. Accordingly, the sincere of heart use their allotted time on earth, spent in prayerful intent, to allow the baptismal power of a daily practice to cleanse the mirror of self-indulgence. To let go of all that no longer serves our highest good, or the highest good of the collective. To dethrone from the heart… the consequences of karmic reaction. Holy name facilitates serene repose and sobriety which lovingly seat themselves within the dignity of self-governance.

Krishna Rose

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