The Ascending Path Of Divine Feminine Wisdom

Jun 28, 2021 | grief, happiness, love, Mary Magdalene

Pain is also how we learn to make better choices for ourselves.

There is a sublime opening that happens when we release our human limitations. Like a thirsty soul in the desert, we are all searching for nourishment. Our quest is for holiness, and when I speak of holiness—I do not mean priggish self-importance, self-righteousness, or rigid purity—law over love. I am speaking of the ability to remain spiritually centered in remembrance through the many storms of life. To use every slander and struggle as an opportunity for transcendence.

The greatest humanitarian effort is an exercise in Divine love—to release the soul from its enslavement. The incarnation of the soul into the flesh is for the awakening of our inborn devotion. This should be a way of living for us—not a religious designation. Though spirit and flesh are married in earthly nature, the “you” who is separate from shallow non-fulfillment, the self separate from relationships, things, and experiences we have, waits in the shadows for a day in the sun. The shadow-self rules through the ego, while the pure soul remains hidden. This is why we find ourselves habitually irritated, bored, and disinterested.

“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes. Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of others. Else that which we do not confront in ourselves, we will meet as fate.” — Carl Jung

Original painting by Krishna Rose (copyright 2021)

We awaken through the pain of every life experience. Pain is how we change and grow. Pain is also how we learn to make better choices for ourselves. Concealing our pain-body from others is a survival mechanism. Thus, we unconsciously descend into anger, lust, greed, envy, and pride. These are the pathways of descent, where we are being misled. The prideful ego is unilluminated, weak, and volatile, yet when exposed to God’s light—it transforms. Liberated from the nebulous shadows which once dominated the soul, we finally gain mastery over the self. We break through and experience the rewards of personal sovereignty. 

Knowing your darkest shadows,

Is a way to learn how to deal with other’s darknesses.

Mary Magdalene’s journey through the seven hells and seven heavens is a compelling subject matter, for the lessons she learns, we learn, when death comes to take us. She had no demons in her, as some would have you believe, but she did bear witness to the underworlds. As Kallah-Messiah, she journeyed through the seven hells so that she could authentically shine a warning light for those who sin or have sinned. The Magdalene’s tower of light diverts souls from the miseries of doom. She braved the darkest recesses of creation to come to humanity’s aid, to extricate and disenthrall people from their bindings. As torchbearer and shepherdess, her sacred assignment is to lead souls away from the darkest caverns of their karmic creation. She teaches and personifies discipline, to help us overcome our lightlessness and hopelessness.

The Magdalena has simplified the secrets of life,

To make right many wrongs in the world.



Krishna Rose

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“My purpose of being an artist is to express my joys,
my sorrows and my searching for answers — ultimately
the age-old yearning for freedom.”

Krishna Rose

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